TERRORAISER MAGAZINE (November 2005) (http://www.autopsykitchen.com/darknesseternalintie.html)

1. Hello, George! What news will you tell?

Hails Alex! Well, there is a lot going on with DARKNESS ETERNAL right now. The new DE CD “Misanthropic Annihilation” was just released a few months ago by Autopsy Kitchen Records, and is receiving an incredible response thus far, so I am definitely pleased with that, so right now I am busting my ass to promote the hell out of the new record and I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately, so DE is keeping me very busy these days. I also have a new website up at http://www.darknesseternal.com which has all the important information relevant to the band such as news updates, a bio, MP3’s, merchandise, and much more. DE will be a part of two upcoming compilation CD’s the first will be for the Canadian Witching Black Vol.2 compilation, which should be out by December 2005/January 2006, and DE will also be a part of the Brutallica Magazine upcoming compilation, which I don’t have a firm release date on yet. Finally, I will be playing session bass for the mighty THE CHASM for the Heathen Crusade Metalfest on January 21st, 2006 in Minneapolis MN, USA.

2. Why did DARKNESS ETERNAL become a solo project once for all? What experience you had before it?

Well, DE never became a “solo project”, as it was always just me in the band from the beginning until now. There are many reasons as to why I am the only member of DE, but the main one is that I am a visionary, and DE is the total deliverance of my personal dark feelings; musically, lyrically, and conceptually, and for me it would be very difficult to find people that have the same vision, passion, and attitude that I have, not only towards DE, but towards true metal in general. I realize that not having a live band is a negative in the sense that it makes it a lot harder for me to fund, promote, and get the name of DE out there, but at the same time having that creative control is very important to me, both from a music standpoint and a “business” one so to speak. In the end, no one will care about this band more than I will. Which leads to the next part of the question, I had played in two bands full-time besides DE at that time, and I actually started DE while I was in my very first band back in 1997. And again, that was the mechanism to which ultimately led me to do DE on a much more serious level, because I was unhappy with my first band and the way things were going for it near the end. So I knew that with DE that I never again had to worry about the trials I went through with the other bands in terms of having to compromise more than I like and being told that my riffs/style don’t fit etc, so I eliminated that problem with DE, and eight years later, I haven’t looked back since. I do want to point out that DE isn’t and never was a “project”, it is as real and serious a band as any bands out there with five members, and DE is and always has been my life’s blood.

3. I saw that DARKNESS ETERNAL played concerts. As I understand, you ask the guys from the other bands to help you alive?

DE has never played live, not once, and in fact, I have always been the only person ever involved in DE. I think the confusion here is that you may have seen pictures of me playing live on my website and various other sites, in which case that is always me playing with someone else’s band, so you have the complete reverse there, it’s usually me helping other bands out live, not the other way around haha! Not to say I wouldn’t ever want to play live with DE, but since the band started it hasn’t happened, I still don’t know if it will, only time will tell I guess.

4. Why DARKNESS ETERNAL was without a contract for a long time, and what useful gives you a contract with Autopsy Kitchen Records?

Well, it was a combination of many things, the main ones being that the style of death/doom metal that I play isn’t the most popular style out there, so for one I think that had a lot to do with it, and I’m definitely not going to change my music to appease anyone or anything, no matter what! Secondly, I did receive some offers, as far back as the “Dawn Of The Suffering” (DE’s first record) days, but in the end none of the deals worked out for whatever reason, which was fine by me because I do this FIRST for my love and passion for true darkness and metal, and I am never about record deals or money, and I never will be. So I never got an offer at that point that I felt would benefit and elevate the band in the right way and for the right reasons. So finally Autopsy Kitchen Records came along, and they put their offer on the table and we discussed many things before the deal was struck, and in the end we agreed and so I went for the deal, and I have to say that so far AKR has held up their end of the agreement and have been behind DE, so I am glad for that. They didn’t offer me the most money or the best deal ever, but they were honest and true and their motives are what I admire. Most importantly they are about the METAL like I am, it isn’t JUST about making money for them, they are real metal heads who understand metal like I do. Being with AKR is definitely beneficial in the sense that they covered the pressing of the CD’s, they released it, and they cover most of the promotion which was the main reason I went with them in the end, because it was just becoming way too much for me to do DE the way I was doing it all these years, doing absolutely EVERYTHING by myself. I couldn’t keep going on like that, not with the situation I am in terms of I am getting older now and I have more responsibilities outside the band, and you know, just living real life bullshit. So as far as AKR, so far so good, hopefully it stays that way.

5. As far as I understood, DARKNESS ETERNAL is straight anti-religious project. Tell us, do you think that Satanism is religion? What views do you uphold?

Yes, DE is and always will be anti-religion, until the dying end, so if people expect a change there, I’m sorry to say it won’t happen. Of course DE is about more than just anti-religion, but that is one of the main themes for sure and has been since the very beginning. As far as Satanism being a religion, of course it is. Now what path of Satanism one chooses to follow or says is the “true” way is really up to the people that behold those particular beliefs. I myself am not a Satanist, though I agree with some of what they believe and have to say. As far as my views, that is kind of complicated to answer. Being that I am against ALL organized religion, I don’t want to group myself with any sect or following so to speak. If anything I am a nihilist and that would probably be the most accurate description of what I am at the present time. I am and always have been an individual, in every sense of the word, and though many things about me have changed over the years, that is one thing that hasn’t. I have always been as open-minded as I could be, and I base my beliefs on my life experiences. I don't know for sure if a "God" or "higher power" exists or not, and no one else does either, but if a "God" does exist, I have an utter hatred and contempt towards him because all I used to hear when I was young that "God" is our savior and he loves us all and he died for our sins and so on, and then I realized all that was a bunch of bullshit. No "God" was ever there for me when I was a tormented youngster, no one was there to ever “save” me. So I just saw what was happening and questioned everything. And it’s just ridiculous that as bad as the world has gotten today the people still believe in and even worse, worship this false idol. It’s just atrocious if you ask me. I mean even if a higher power exists, isn’t obvious by now that he/she/it cares NOTHING for us, at all?? The funny thing about all of that is that Christians and many religious people in general are the worst kind of people on this planet, they speak about not sinning and they are the greatest sinners of all, the greatest hypocrites! I am not perfect by any means, but at least I admit to my faults and take responsibility for them, and truth be told, I am a more moral person than 99% of Christians out there today.

6. What sense you inlaid in the name of "Satanchrist" album? It sounds a little funny, hehe.

Well, I felt it was the perfect title for the second DE record, as it is what the main concept of that particular album is about. Basically, the term “Satanchrist” is a direct slap in the face to the name of the so called “savior” Jesus Christ”, and in many ways is actually a pun or play of that name. It’s just basically disputing the fact that again, if a higher power or deity exists, that in my eyes he is not good, loving, and caring, he is evil and uncaring. He is pure evil, the purest form of evil in fact. It’s like I said in the previous question, so many love and worship this so called ever-loving “God”, but when I look at the world around me today and what is going on, I don’t see what they see, this kind of a "God" to me, is not good, he is vile, conceited, and evil, and has us all on his strings like puppets and mocks and laughs at us all. And according to the Christian faith, “Satan” is the antithesis of “God”, but to me, I see them as one and the same, I don’t see any difference between the figure of “God” and the figure of “Satan”. Hence the title "Satanchrist" for that album. That particular record deals with the subject of a false, conceited, and uncaring God and a weak pathetic race called humans that will all perish into torment and nothingness, and in many ways, I just further this concept and take it to a new level on “Misanthropic Annihilation”.

7. Why the ones of your lyric themes are sadness and depression? You feel something similar often?

Yes, I do, most definitely. It’s something I obviously am not fond of, but utter sadness and depression exist within me and has for many years of my life. So that is of course is a big reason I tap into these subjects as well, because they are such a prevalent part of my life, truth be told, the most prevalent, and I think it is a subject that a lot of people out there can totally relate to. My black heart and doomed soul have always been filled with torment, hate, depression, and darkness. I have always been fascinated with death and the concept of death; to me death has always made much more sense than life. I personally cannot wait for the day when I will enter the world of the dead, I anticipate this with great excitement, but unfortunately it's not quite time yet, there are still a few things that I wish to accomplish while I am here on this graveland called earth, and since I can’t say that I know where we go from here so to speak, I figure I might as well try to hang in there as long as I can to complete my final missions/accomplishments. When I am finished those things, then I will be free to take the real journey to the dark cosmos and to the unknown, and I’m pretty sure that time is approaching very soon. But until then, I still must at least try to fight for the only thing that I have left in my miserable existence, the only thing that has always been there for me where everything and everyone else failed, and that is TRUE metal of death, I will fight until the dying end for that, believe me!

8. By the way, an ear reached to me, that you relate to THE CHASM band! Is this true?

Well, I don’t exactly know what you mean by I “relate” to THE CHASM, but if you are asking if I am playing with them, then the answer is that, yes, I am currently performing with them as their live session bass player. I did it first in September 2003, again in September 2005 for the Sabbatical Deathcult tour with the Japanese thrashers SABBAT, and I will be doing it one more time for the upcoming Heathen Crusade Metalfest on January 21st, 2006 in Minneapolis, MN. For more information on the festival please visit http://www.enterthedeathcult.com or http://www.heathencrusade.com. I must say that playing with THE CHASM has been the greatest experience of my life, as they are personally my favorite band on the planet and also they are all very good friends of mine and metal brothers to the end. They are an absolutely incredible band, and I really encourage that anyone that hasn’t heard their music or seen them play live to do so immediately, as they are one of the best, truest, and most original bands out there today! Needless to say that it has been an honor to play along side such a legendary band, and I am very grateful for that!

9. However, in spite of things doubtful, it's clearly visible that you use BC Rich guitars, and different more then. Why exactly BC Rich? Do they do exclusive models for you or these are serial?

Yes, I have been playing BC Rich guitars for a long time now and have been very happy doing so. For me, BC Rich have always been the most comfortable guitar to play, which is the most important reason why I choose them over any other model, plus the fact that they look killer and evil as fuck helps haha! But yeah, I think as a guitar player in general, especially those just starting out, the most important thing is to find a guitar that YOU are most comfortable with. The way it plays is the most important fact of course above all else, factors like how the neck feels and how heavy/light the body is. So I’m not necessarily saying BC Rich is the best, just the best for me, I never quite got the feel that I like with anything other than my BC Rich’s. I use different models on the recordings, because I get a bit of a different tone and sound with other models, and to me it really helps give that feel of two/three different guitarists on the recordings, even if it is just me recording all the guitar tracks. Another reason I use different models is that since the beginning of DE, I have always seen my guitars as an extension of myself, and anyone that knows me knows how important my guitars are to me, I couldn’t live without them! So that is why I list each one I use on the recordings for every CD, because I truly believe that when I am writing, playing, and recording, that the guitars and I become one. In a sense I guess they are they other members of the band haha!! As for what models I have, I have quite a few, but of the ones I use on the recordings, two of them are exclusive custom guitars, which are the “Serpent” Warlock (used on all three DE recordings) and the “Hellbeast” Beast (used on “Misanthropic Annihilation”), and then the “Demonaxe” Mockingbird (used on all three DE recordings) is a NJ Series guitar from 1999 I believe, it is still a great guitar though. I must say that in my opinion, even though they can be very pricy, BC Rich makes the best custom shop guitars in the world out of all the customs I have ever played.

10. How do you succeed to play on all instruments so good, what's the secret? How many hours in a day do you play on each?

Thanks for the great compliment, I really appreciate it! There is no real secret, just the universal one that applies to any musician, which is practice, practice, practice! That’s pretty much it. I know I’m not the most talented musician around, but I do take pride in the fact that I always try my best, and I dedicate A LOT of time, focus, and energy on playing the instruments that I play. As for how many hours a day I play on each instrument, I would say for guitar, I play on average about one to three hours a day, depending on how much free time I have. I have to say that in general I probably play guitar the most because that is the instrument of creation for me, that is what I use to write riffs/songs etc. As for bass, sometimes I will go weeks without playing it, especially when I am writing material for DE, I don’t even touch my bass until it is time to write bass lines for the songs. But now I find myself playing bass as much, if not more than my guitar due to my involvement with THE CHASM right now, so right now I am playing bass about two to three hours a day. As for drums, that one is a little more complicated. Due to my current living situation, I have to work around my work schedule as I can only play in the afternoon due to the noise violation laws in my neighborhood, if I play past 9:00 P.M. I get the police called on me! So drums are a little harder, I try get in about two to three hours of playing time in a week if I can. However, when I was getting ready to record for the new record, I was pushing three to four hours everyday on the drums, as writing drum lines and being tight on drums is they hardest part of making any DE record.

11. How do you see the future of DARKNESS ETERNAL? Will you make a full lineup sometime?

Well, hopefully things will keep going the way they are with DE right now. The new record is doing great so far (especially for it only being out for two months) and has gotten a killer response from all over the globe, so I am definitely grateful for that, in that respect things couldn’t be better for the band, so no complaints there. From the beginning the main goal has always been the same, to create the darkest, hateful, and most unholy music that I possibly can, straight from my heart and soul, and as long as I am able to continue to do that and to keep topping myself, then I will continue to write and release as much dark depressive hatred as I can. I just want to keep DE a strong force in the underground for as long as I can, until the times comes that I can’t anymore. Well, I guess you can always say “never say never”. I would like DE to play live one day, but it wouldn’t be easy to find three other people to play with me, especially if I wanted to do it on a permanent basis, so the answer to that question is we’ll see. That depends on a lot of things, but I am content in doing things the way I am doing them now, and have always been doing them. I’ve said this many times, but DE won’t die until I decide that it does, so I find comfort in knowing that someone else won’t cause the demise of the band.

12. And, finally, closing speeches to the Terroraiser magazine!

Thank you very much for the support and the interview Alex and all at Terroraiser, I appreciate it! 666 unholy hails to all in the underground that have and continue to support DE and its cause, it really means a lot and I appreciate it very much! For all the updates/news on DE, MP3’s of the new songs, and other relevant information, please visit the new website at http://www.darknesseternal.com and anyone out there that doesn’t have a copy of “Misanthropic Annihilation”, you can get straight through me at the DE website, through my current label Autopsy Kitchen Records (http://www.autopsykitchen.com), or through various distro’s world wide. You can also get DE shirts in support of the new album and more merchandise straight through me via the DE website as well. After a long wait, DARKNESS ETERNAL is back, and back with a dark vengeance! Hail the wrath of apocalyptic torment!!!