Since last interview, Darkness Eternal was on the verge of releasing its sophomore album 'Satanchrist' upon the unfit earth. Containing nine songs of despair, self-loathing, emptiness, and of course the foolish onwards plight of Christianity. Sole goat-warrior George Velaetis has indeed released an album that is both brutal yet memorable, familiar but original, simply put; an album that is impressive on it's own merits and can easily contend with most of the American Death Metal acts of today. Recently I had a chance to chat with the sole member of Darkness Eternal at a local gig, the interview was done shortly after.............

1) First off George, let me give you a '1000 goat hail salute' for putting out such a wicked cd, how has the initial reaction been thus far ??

666 demonic hails Craig!! Thank you very much for the great comments on the new DE CD "Satanchrist", I really appreciate it brother!! The reaction to the new CD has been amazing so far! It has been out for two months as of this interview and every review that I have gotten thus far has been absolutely stellar and people are telling me they are really blown away by the new one, which makes me real happy and proud! I promised all the DE supporters that everything would be taken up in a big way, and I made this a very DARK, depressing, unholy, and hateful record, and so I'm glad that everyone that has heard it agrees with me on that, so 666 hails to everyone that has shown their support for the new CD!

2) It seems that everything was improved ten-fold with the new cd, was this intentional?? Were there areas on D.O.T.S. (George's debut cd) that as a musician/producer bothered you?? Do you find it difficult listening to your own music??

Oh yes, definitely!! I wanted to improve absolutely EVERYTHING on this new offering, from the quality of the music, to the quality of the production, to the artwork, to the playing, and most importantly, I wanted this to be as DARK as possible. That for me is the most important thing for DARKNESS ETERNAL, just to keep creating the darkest and most obscure death hymns that I possibly can. As you can see, I think I achieved all of these things. The new CD is more extreme, more intense, more hateful, more blasphemous, more depressing, and DARKER than "Dawn Of The Suffering". Well, yes, there are some areas and things that bug me about "D.O.T.S", some leads weren't as loud as I wanted and other little things, but they aren't too major. Overall I'm still happy with "D.O.T.S", it has a real raw and dark feel to it. Any mistakes or things that I didn't like on "D.O.T.S", I really concentrated hard on this new one to not make, and for the most part I did that and I am very happy with the final result of "Satanchrist". I like the production on it personally, everything sounds better on this one than on "D.O.T.S" the drum sound on "Satanchrist" is better, the snare is more crisp and you can hear the double kicks way clearer on this one. Also the guitars sound heavier and fuller and I like my lead guitar tones more as well. Also the artwork on "Satanchrist" is fucking amazing, and I have the talented and sick artist Jonzig to thank for that, he really took my dark vision and gave it such a vibrant life! I am a perfectionist, which means that I don't think I will ever be fully satisfied with anything I do, I'm always wanting things to be better, but for the most part I am happy with the production on "D.O.T.S", and even happier with the production on "Satanchrist". No, I don't really find it too difficult to listen to my own music, it's just that I am the one who writes and creates it and so before I go into the studio I play and listen to it over and over to make sure I am happy with everything, so the songs get pounded into my head haha! But I do have to admit that it's a pretty cool and a genuine feeling to listen to and to look at the final product after it is totally complete and to know that I put 110% of my heart, soul, pride, and effort into it, nothing can beat that feeling!

3) The intro to track #5, 'Descending Into Forever' really sets the mood for this song of depression and anxiety, what movie did you 'borrow' it from??

I used that intro from a movie called "The Passion Of Darkly Noon", it's a personal favorite movie of mine that came out in about 95/96, it's a pretty obscure B movie that has Brendan Fraser and Ashley Judd in it before they became big stars. And yeah, I agree with you 100%, that sample/intro really does set the mood for the song, that's why I used it. Every song that I write has 100% of my heart, emotion, soul, darkness, and pride in it, every song is personal, but "Descending Into Forever" is the most personal and autobiographical song that I have ever written, and it is also the most depressing song I have ever created from the dark recesses of my black soul thus far. When I wrote that song, it was during one of the absolute bleakest and darkest times of my personal life, and I honestly wrote it thinking it would be the last song I ever wrote, almost like my final farewell from this graveland called earth. So when you listen to that song, I really think that the listener will be able to hear and feel the utter darkness, anxiety, suffering, and sheer depression that exudes from the dark music and lyrics. I look back at that time now and I ask myself how the fuck I survived through what I was going through, how I made it through it, and the writing of that song (and eventually the enire album) played a huge part in that, I was really able to get out so much with that song, and "Descending Into Forever" is and always will be a very special song for me personally, and I think that anyone that is depressed and/or suicidal will be able to relate to that song, that's why I dedicated it to all the suicidal and depressed dark souls, cause I fully understand what it's like to be this way, and that is why DARKNESS ETERNAL is so important for me, because it is my way of unleashing all these dark emotions and feelings.

4) Having a strong Morbid Angel/Incantation/Immolation 'feel' to your music, can one assume that these bands are your favorites within the genre?? Do you listen to any other bands other than Death and Black metal music that you draw inspiration from??

Oh yeah for sure, the bands you just mentioned all rule and are among my favorites! But I do have to point out that I personally don't really see much of a MORBID ANGEL influence in my music. I know certain people have said so, and that's fine, I mean I love MORBID ANGEL, fuck, "Altars Of Madness" is a classic and one of the most definitive Death Metal albums of all time in my opinion, but I really don't hear much MORBID ANGEL influence in any of my music. If there is any MORBID ANGEL influence, then it is purely subconscious on my part and I'm not really aware of it. Now as for IMMOLATION and INCANTATION, yes, they are definitely an influence on me and I'm proud to say so because they are personal favorites of mine and two of the best and most defining bands when it comes to pure DARK and unholy death metal, they are both the kings and masters of darkness!! Another band that I draw huge inspiration from are THE CHASM, whom I honestly have to say are one of the best bands ever and one of my favorite bands of all time!! No one in my opinion has the pride, conviction, soul, and feel to their music like they do, they are 110% pure fucking metal, they all live, breathe, and sleep metal, and they would die for it too! They inspire me in so many ways, from their brilliant music, to their pride for what they do, just so many ways, I feel something real and special when I listen to their obscure death hymns, and I am and always will be grateful to them for that. All the bands that are mentioned above also have something special about them besides the fact that they rule, and that is that they are all ORIGINAL and all of them have their own style and sound, and I have a lot of respect for all of those bands because they are not just great bands, but they are all also pioneers of what they do, that to me is what separates a great band from a good band, and I want to be like that with DARKNESS ETERNAL as well, because while those bands do have an influence on me, I like to think that I have my own unique sound and style, and I think that really shows on "Satanchrist" especially, I did things on that CD that I haven't heard many bands do if at all. I can't really say there is much outside of the extreme music realm that influences me when it comes to DARKNESS ETERNAL, while there are some bands outside the genre that I appreciate and listen to, basically 99% of everything I listen to is death/black/doom metal. I love and am a freak for pure doom metal, bands like WORSHIP, EVOKEN, THERGOTHON, and SKEPTICISM rule and inspire me for sure!

5) It seems that you have become a 'part-time' member of Ouroboros, is this temporary or is it a role that is becoming easier to slide into?? Have you written anything for them or do you only write for Darkness Eternal??

Well, I am purely a session player for them as of right now, nothing more and nothing less. They asked me to join full-time in the past and I had to decline for personal reasons mainly, like the fact that I was living in the United States when they first asked me to join, plus DARKNESS ETERNAL is my first priority and I was real busy with that as well. Then Ryan contacted me less than two weeks before the Sacrifice Of The Nazarene Child Black Metal fest in San Antonio TX, USA, which happened on Dec. 1st, 2001, they were slated to play the fest and they were really in need of a bass player as their original one had pulled out, so despite the fact that I had just released "Satanchrist" two days before and I had other personal problems to deal with, when they asked, I told them I'd do it, number one because it was in the name of metal, and number two because it was a good opportunity for everyone involved and I've always wanted to go to the SOTNC fest just to watch it, but never had the time, money or both, so I said fuck it, let's do it and I learned their set in less than two weeks and we went there and desecrated Texas, and I had an amazing time there, it was an amazing experience for me! I don't regret for one minute making the decision to go and play with OUROBOROS because it was cool to share the stage with those sick heathens, I got to meet so many wicked metal heads, got to not only see but also share the stage with great bands like THORNSPAWN, ABSU, and BLACK WITCHERY, and a lot of people found out about DARKNESS ETERNAL as well and I got a great response from people that got "Satanchrist" from me there, so it was four days of pure metal insanity!! So right now yes, this is a temporary role, that may change in the future, I don't know, it all depends on how everything goes with my personal life situation. Plus if I ever do join full time, they are well aware the DE is my first and number one priority, so that will have a lot to do with it as well. I haven't written anything for OUROBOROS as I played session bass for them at the SOTNC fest and the same will go on the upcoming OUROBOROS/KRIEG split as I am not a full-time member at this time, so I will be learning what songs they want me to perform and I will play bass on them, so yes, I only write for DARKNESS ETERNAL right now.

6) How old were you when you got into Death/Black metal?? Was it a progression from 'lighter' sounding metal or did you dive right in the pits of hell and decide that extreme was the place to be?? What were some of your favorite cd's growing up?? Do you have a special friend or relative that is responsible for exposing you to the 'dark side??

I was about 16 years old when I got into extreme metal. Ummm, the second question is a bit hard for me to answer, I don't know if I'd say it was a progression from lighter sounding metal, what happened was ever since I was born, my family was real poor and we moved around constantly for the first 12 years of my life, we never really lived anywhere for more than two years, so we were always on the go and I never really got to settle in to a specific place and hang out, make friends etc.., so anything I have discovered in my life it was pretty much by chance or on my own, and that includes metal. My parents are both from Europe (both born in Greece), they didn't speak a word of english when they got here, and they constantly played their Greek music, and I remember not liking it at all, but since they never listened to or knew anything else, I wasn't exposed to much music, not even the trendy shit at the time. But I always remember liking dark sounding music when I heard it, dark sounding riffs and stuff like that always intrigued me massively, I used to watch horror films from the age of like six years old, and loving the theme music and soundtracks to movies like the EXORCIST and THE OMEN, they were so dark!! I remember hearing and liking some of the 80's metal/hard rock like DEF LEPPARD, then a cousin of mine showed me some NIRVANA stuff in 1987/88 (way before they became "big" and "mainstream") their first demo's and album "Bleach", which appealed to me at the time because they had a raw and dark sound to my ears, so I got into them, then I slowly progressed and heard stuff like early BLACK SABBATH, and stuff like that. So it was a progression of sorts I guess, a weird one at that! But like I said, I was always drawn to darkness and the dark side since birth, and I was looking for something more dark, depressing, and angry, and more insane and extreme, but I really had no way of finding it because I never had any friends when I was growing up so I had no one to expose me to anything, I based what I liked purely on myself and my soul. Then when our family got in a better financial position and we finally settled in Spruce Grove, I slowly settled as well and met a guy at school whom I am still great friends with to this day, his name is Mike. While I believe that the darkness, anger, hate, and depression within me lead me to this extreme music, Mike is the one I have to credit with physically showing me and giving me my first taste of death metal, and I couldn't believe my ears!! At first I didn't know what to think of it, I was in shock and disarray that something could be so extreme and nuts, but once I let it set in, I was damned to the black forever so to speak!! Some of my favorite stuff growing up was the first four DEF LEPPARD albums, the first few BLACK SABBATH albums, all of NIRVANA's albums, MORBID ANGEL: "Covenant", IMMOLATION: "Dawn Of Possession" and "Here In After", INCANTATION: "Onward To Golgotha" and "Mortal Throne Of Nazarene", all of AUTOPSY's albums, and more. When I discovered bands like IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, AUTOPSY, and THE CHASM, I had finally found what seemed to be an eternity to find, dark, obscure, and soul filled music (especially THE CHASM for feel and soul) and I've never looked back since!!

7) Before D.E. you had mentioned that you played in other bands, were they local and what style of music did they play?? What instrument did you play in those days?? Which instrument(s) do you feel most comfortable with??

I've played in three bands in my life (full-time that is) and played on 7 CD's (including the two DE CD's), and they were all local and different styles of music. My very first band was when I started getting physically involved in music, I was 16 at the time and the band was called GRIND and I was the vocalist/bassist for that band. It's kinda hard to say what we sounded like, we were pretty original, it was a metal/hard rock mix I guess, a lot of 80's metal/hard rock riffing style, VERY guitar orientated music. We were together for 3 years and we split in June 1998 after the usual bullshit, internal problems, musical differences, etc.., and near the last 8-10 months of the bands existence I was very frustrated with the musical direction we were going in and just the overall state of the band (I knew the end was coming anyway), and so I started DARKNESS ETERNAL (in which I play every instrument; vocals, guitars, bass, and drums) while still in GRIND, so that I could have an outlet to express my own thoughts, feelings, and visions fully without anyone telling me what I can and can't do or write etc. So in 1997 I started DARKNESS ETERNAL with my goal and vision being to create the darkest, most soul filled, unholy, and depressing death/doom metal that I could, casually writing songs here and there on my four track, nothing too serious at the time, just for my own outlet and pleasure. Then when GRIND officially split, I had the time so I concentrated more on DE and really started to write more stuff and really get into it and started to take it to a further and more serious level. While I was doing DE full-time, in April 1999, good friends of mine whom we played shows with GRIND all the time called RMC (lighter metal/catchy hard rock) asked me to join them as a second guitarist, and so I did. While doing DE and writing and recording "Dawn Of The Suffering", I played with RMC as well, for a year and a half, and I left the band for personal reasons in October 2000. Then, the friend I mentioned in the previous question, Mike (who is one hell of a shredder and one of the best guitarists in western Canada, he also played guitar in my first band GRIND with me), took my place as their guitarist when I left, and that's when I moved to the US and once again concentrated 100% only on DE. Well, things didn't work out for me in the US, so I moved back to Canada in May 2001, and in a strange twist of fate, RMC had a split with their long time bassist at the same time I came back, and less than a week after I moved back really needed a bassist, so they called me and asked me if I could fill in, and as a favor to them I did. We had a long talk and I made it very clear to them that DARKNESS ETERNAL is and always will be my number one priority, so as long as my personal life and DE allowed it, I would play with them and so I am doing that to this day, as their bass player, and it's pretty cool because the RMC guys are the best musicians I've jammed with, very talented and good guys as well. Of course as I mentioned before, I played with OUROBOROS (which is black/war metal), but only as a session player. As for which instrument I am most comfortable with, that's hard to say, skill wise it would probably be the drums, as I have been playing them the longest along with bass, but the guitar is my instrument of creation, me and my guitars become one dark unholy force when I play and write, so in that respect I am most comfortable with the guitar.

8) Obviously like most musicians these days, music is not the way you make your money, how do your fellow workers treat you ( I surprise a lot of co-workers when they come over, almost like they were expecting dead goat carcasses and human torso's to litter my house or something!!!)?? Does your job help contribute dark feelings of inspiration to write more music?? Does your job offer you enough flex-ability to be able to record and play live??

Well, for the most part I am very anti-social to begin with, so I really don't hang out with people too much, so I've never had too big a problem with that at work. I also separate my work from my life, work for me is just a way to pay for and support myself and my metal, other than that working a day job doesn't mean shit to me. But yeah, a job I used to work, some of the guys knew I was a harsh metal head and were baffled by it and didn't know what to think, some of them acted scared of me and stuff like that, just like you said, maybe they thought I had corpses at home and committed acts of desecration and blasphemy (which I do like to do on occasion hahaha!!). But I guess they didn't realize that for the most part I am a person just like them, I need to eat and sleep and work just like them, I just love and bleed for metal that's all. But because I'm not like anyone in general I have always found that I am condemned for not being "normal", because I love and I live for metal, because I have nothing else really, people don't seem to understand that, so just society in general I guess condemns or looks down upon dark souls like ourselves, which is fine because I don't care about them anyway, to me 99% of society are a bunch of programmed trend whore robots who don't even know the definition of the word "individual", so they can burn for all eternity as far as I am concerned. Yes, my jobs contribute to my dark hate which helps me write and create the dark blasphemies that I pull from my soul, but just life, my existence, all organized religion, the human race, and this graveland called earth in general are really what fuel me to do this more than anything. DARKNESS ETERNAL and metal in general are the only reasons I have to live, so that is what gives me the motivation to keep going on in this stupid and pathetic life until I no longer need to be here anymore. Between working, and my stupid personal life situations, I barely ever have anytime to do anything musically, it is VERY hard, especially considering that I do everything in DE by myself (write, play, record, fund, promote, etc..), so I never have much time to do it, but I make big sacrifices and I do it because metal is the first love of my life and it always will be, no matter how bad and bleak things get I will never ever stop playing music and I will never stop doing DARKNESS ETERNAL until the day I die!!

9) Do you spend most of your time in Spruce Grove or do you find yourself commuting to Edmonton?? Where do you buy most of your cd's from?? What were your top 5 albums of 2001?? What releases were let downs??

Well, I was spending most of my time in Spruce Grove until recently when I was able to barely afford to get a car, so now I go to Edmonton a lot more when I have to. While Spruce Grove is rapidly growing, there are no music stores here (both for CD's and equipment), so I find myself going to Edmonton to jam and for other musical purposes. Actually, almost for the last two years, I have been getting almost all of my CD's/tapes through mail order and trades, I got sick and tired of going to stores like HMV and not being able to find the CD's I wanted, and when they were there, I'd have to pay $30.00 for it, that's fucking ridiculous!! And also, when I would special order certain CD's they wouldn't get half of them in, so I started just getting shit directly from the bands or distro's, and I continue to do so today, for me that's the way to go because it is usually cheaper and you are truly supporting the underground this way instead of making the rich richer. Sure, you have to wait a little longer, but fuck it, makes me that much more excited when I finally get the record in the mail and get to listen to it!! Fuck, the big record chains must make a killing on metal, especially on the imports where they charge anywhere from $30-40 for them, to me that's a fucking joke! As for my top 5 albums of 2001, that's pretty tough. For the most part, there weren't too many CD's released in 2001 that really blew me away, with the exception of THE CHASM's "Reaching The Veil Of Death", which is easily far and away the best CD released in 2001 in my opinion. Others which I liked and are in my top 5 in no particular order are DIABOLIC: "Subterraneal Magnitude", AVERSE SEFIRA: "Battle's Clarion", THORNSPAWN: "Empress From The Realms Of Blasphemy", and BLACK WITCHERY: "Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom". I also really liked KRISIUN: "Ageless Venomous", RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE: "The Caryatid", and AXIS OF ADVANCE: "Strike" (the latter two both being from Edmonton). As for what releases were let downs, I have always felt that even bad publicity is still good for bands, so I'm not going to waste my time and breath mentioning bands and the shit they put out this year, and this year I heard a lot of shit that I had far greater expectations from. For me the best way to make something go away is to ignore it, so anything that I think sucks I simply won't give it recognition at all, besides, it wouldn't matter much anyway because it's all opinion in the end anyway, a record I think sucks may be something you or a reader likes, so I'll just stick to giving praise to the bands that put out great music and affect me, and ignore the ones that didn't.

10) Do you have any new songs written for your third release yet?? When would you like to start recording a new album?? Can we expect more of the same or are you going to get all 'artistic' on us and get some flute and bagpipe players for the next dark offering??

No, I don't have any new songs fully written yet for the third release. I just released "Satanchrist" two months ago, so I am really concentrating most of my time and effort on promoting, selling, and getting the new CD out there, as well as updating the DE website, getting reviews in, trying to get distro's to pick up the CD, and doing interviews, so when things slow down with that, I will fully concentrate on writing again. I usually like to take at least a good 2-3 month break from writing after releasing a record, but that usually never ends up happening, as I love playing guitar in my free time (which I don't have much of these days), and I will end up writing some grim and dark riffs even when I don't want or mean to, so I have some real dark and obscure riffs and passages written right now which I'm sure will find their way onto the next record, but I don't have any songs fully composed from start to finish yet. As for when I'd like to record, man, I have no idea right now, it's really too early for me to say, as I just released a new CD, but ideally I would like to do another CD in about a year or so from now, I guess time and my future situation will all decide that. Hopefully if I can get some more outside support like from a label or if I can land a good distribution deal for "Satanchrist", my plans will come to form because it is getting harder, more exhausting, and more time consuming to do everything all on my own, so we'll see. If nothing happens with this one, then I will continue to do things the way I am doing them with Dark Salvation Productions, because I do this first and foremost because I love to and that is the only reason I need to do this. You're damn right you can expect the same with each and every DARKNESS ETERNAL release, except darker and more devastating each time! I will always try to improve and take things to that next level, and all you have to do is look at the name of the band to know what it is all about, DARKNESS ETERNAL, in every sense of those two words, my music will always remain, hateful, unholy, extreme, soul-filled, depressing, and DARK as fuck!!! I will NEVER EVER compromise this ever, no matter what, I will never change my sound or style for anything or anyone, not to make money or get signed or anything like that, what you hear is what you get with DE. You will never see or hear gay faggot shit like flutes, recorders, keyboards, harmonica's, banjo's, or anything like that in my music. I will always strive to advance and get better and darker with each release, and will always play and write DARK and obscure death/doom metal straight from my black heart and my darkened soul until the day I die!!!

11) Besides playing bass on the new Ouroboros/Krieg split that is in the works, will you be doing any other 'session' work in the near future??

I might be, that all really depends on how busy my personal life and DE keep me, and how much free time I can spare for other projects/session work. Right now I am currently slated to do session vocals and write lyrics for a couple of songs written by my friend Mike for an upcoming compilation of Alberta extreme metal bands, so if that comp. does go through, I will be doing it, and even if it doesn't, I think he still wants to record two or three songs, so I may end up doing it either way, so we'll see. I already heard one song he has finished musically, it is technical/brutal as fuck death metal, with kind of an obscure feel to it, and we both already know what we want for the vocal style, it will be extremely fucking sick, like Antimo's vocals from DISGORGE/RAVAGER/DEMONIZED, real fucking gross and sick, but I want to make them even sicker than his!! Also, I was asked by the main man and founder of FROM BLACKEST OCEANS, Alistair B. Rintoul, if I could play drums for him on a recording for his demo/album, and I'm really considering it because it would be a different pace and style of drumming for me to perform, he describes his music as "vile futuristic northern cybergrind", and that will give me an opportunity to play even less straight forward than I do with DE, and play very technical on the kit, but if time doesn't allow me to do it I won't be able to, but I want to if time permits. And of course as you mentioned I will be playing session bass on the upcoming OUROBOROS/KRIEG split. Fuck, if it were up to me, I would love to only be able to play music and that's it, I would love to be able to just make a living and survive of this so that I could play in two, three, or even four bands, or session for people whenever they want me to, but unfortunately with work, personal life bullshit, I don't have much freedom to do this, I have devoted myself fully to DE, and it will always take number one priority over everything I ever do.

12) Is it just Rob and I, or do you also feel that the 'Deadmonton' scene is growing and producing some 'world class' talent in the Death/Black metal scene. Perhaps a visit to 'New Norway' ( does exist....eerie,eh???) in Central Alberta for an outdoor jam session is in order??

Yes, I agree 100% with both of you guys there! Things have really picked up here in Edmonton big time lately, it's quite amazing when you look and think about it. AXIS OF ADVANCE just finally released "Strike", and when I heard it I thought it was fucking great, this in my opinion is probably the best stuff Wor and Vermin have ever written, and that includes the stuff they did with SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT, as I really liked that band too, especially their first demo "Misanthropy" and the "Distracting Stone" CD. Those guys have really taken their blackened war hymns to a higher level with "Strike" and they recently got signed to Barbarian Wrath, so good for them! THORAZINE's new one "Geneticide" is real good too, fuck, they really took their music a huge level up, the new record is so fucking brutal and insanely technical, those guys are all godly musicians and I have a lot of respect for them. RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE's "The Caryatid" really blew me away, I thought that CD was fucking amazing, very obscure and original music, not for the weak that's for sure! I'm told that the next RITES record "Totality" is even more bizarre and sicker, so I am really looking forward to that, I think they will have to lock General Von Paulus up very soon ha ha!! OUROBOROS' new material is great as well, and is in my opinion easily the best stuff they have ever written, everyone will see this when they hear the new songs, I'm not totally sure what tracks will or won't make it on the OUROBOROS/KRIEG split, but if there are no new ones on it, they will put all of their new tracks on their upcoming full length CD if that goes through. And there are still good bands from here that haven't released new material recently, LUST for example, very sick and grim black/war metal, OBEDIENCE PARADIGM, and more. One thing about our scene too is that all most of the bands in it are all very extreme, original and have their own sound, which is real cool, you have a lot of scene's these days where their may be some good bands here and there, but most of them are CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, or SUFFOCATION rip-offs, so it's good to see that we have very extreme, yet original music to come from here. I think it's high time that people started to recognize what we have here in Alberta, and in Western Canada in general. I have nothing at all against the eastern part of Canada and I'm not slagging them, because there are some real killer bands from there, but all I ever hear is how many good bands they have and how great their scene is and nobody says a fucking thing about us over here in the west, so maybe with all the great releases lately that will change. Well, maybe we should get all the extreme Alberta metal bands to set up and play a "Wacken" type festival in "New Norway", and play out in this freezing cold we are having right now, that would be quite grim don't you think ha ha!!

13) I thank -you for your time, George, here's your chance to tell people about your web site and give shout-outs to the ones that matter. I will see you at the next local gig my brother..........take care!!!

Thank you very much Craig for the great interview and support for DARKNESS ETERNAL, I really appreciate it brother, 666 hails go out to you!! Thanks also to Tanner, Rob, and everyone else involved with Alberta's Necro-cult, your support for the DE, the Alberta scene, and just the underground metal scene in general is fucking killer, keep up the excellent work with the magazine! I want to give 666 goat blood hails out to my brothers in OUROBOROS, thanks for asking me to join your dark army for the Canadian Assault on Texas, it was a pleasure sharing the stage with you sick demons! Finally, thanks to each and every metal warrior that has supported DARKNESS ETERNAL, I am truly grateful and appreciative for your support, eternal hails to you all!! DARKNESS ETERNAL's official website is located at, and there you will find all the info you need on DE, biography, news, MP3's etc., so check it out and let me know what you all think. It was recently updated with a new news update, a ton of new reviews for "Satanchrist", links, and over 40 pictures from the fourth annual Sacrifice Of The Nazarene Child Black Metal Fest in San Antonio TX, USA. Just released in November 2001 was DE's newest dark offering, "Satanchrist", to get a copy of it you can get it directly from me by sending $15 CAN (Canadian funds, applies to Canada), $12 US (applies to USA and rest of world), all prices include S&H, well concealed cash or money order (make payable to George Velaetis) to: George Velaetis, P.O. Box 5002, Spruce Grove AB, Canada, T7X 3A2. Also still available is the debut DE CD "Dawn Of The Suffering", for the same price and info as above. Also currently distributing both DE CD's are Goat Warrior Distro ( and Ire Records (, as well as more to come. For those in the Edmonton area, you can get both DE releases in HMV West Edmonton Mall (in the independent section I believe). Feel free to e-mail me at with any comments on the new album, or the band in general. Thank you all for your true and undying support, hold high the horns of hell and support darkness and true metal until death!!!



Interview by Craig