1. But one year since last we've heard from you, you're again avidly hard at work on the second coming of Darkness Eternal. Splicing both death and doom upon your debut led to some rather intriguing not to mention memorable moments, what can we expect to hear upon the scowl of this new opus? Progression wise how has the music changed, how have you changed?

Thanks for the positive words on the debut CD, I appreciate it. Well, you can expect to hear the utter hatred, blasphemy, depression, and darkness in the new songs that was present before, but it will all be taken to higher level this time around. The new CD will be more unholy, more hateful, more extreme, more depressing, and most importantly, darker than "Dawn Of The Suffering", but without losing the original concepts of what DARKNESS ETERNAL is either, the roots will always be there and firmly planted, but I am building on everything and growing both as a person and as a musician. So progression wise, this is definitely going to be a big step forward for DARKNESS ETERNAL, both musically and lyrically. Personally, I have changed only in the sense that I am even more hateful, bitter, and angrier than I was a year ago, and I am colder and darker inside. A lot of shit has happened to me this year, actually, I have had a lot of personal tragedy in past 3 years of my life, so all of that just grows inside me and it will all show itself on the new CD, believe me, this is going to be a very personal record, and a very dark one too!

2. Recording and perfection takes time. When do you expect this new vat of vile decay shall be prepared for inhuman consumption?

I am going into the studio in about 2-3 weeks (as of this interview) to record the new CD. The original plan was to go into the studio in mid to end of August, so I am on schedule so far. Yeah, recording and making everything as good as possible takes time, especially when it is just one person doing everything on the CD like I am, so I can't give an exact date yet as to when the CD will be ready for release, but I am hoping it will all be ready to go in October/November 2001, hopefully no later than November. I will let everyone know on the DARKNESS ETERNAL website when it will be finished and ready, so anyone who is curious can check the site out to get the latest information on the band and on the new CD.

3. Being that you are but one soldier is it likely that Darkness Eternal will ever be a live band? With regards to times past has there ever been another member or members in Darkness Eternal? Please elaborate.

Well, as the old saying goes, never say never right? I don't know if DARKNESS ETERNAL will ever expand to a live format, the only thing I can say is that it won't happen in the immediate future, as I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, and finding the right people with the right attitude and mindset would be real hard, especially here in Edmonton where the scene is pretty small. And if I ever did turn DE into a live unit, the people involved would have to be 110% dedicated to everything that DE is about. They would have to have their hearts and souls into it as much as I do, and they would have to be 110% about playing DARK and unholy death metal. This isn't just a band or a hobby for me, it's a way of life, plain and simple! I live, sleep, and breath TRUE metal everyday. But like I said, we will see, I always try to take everything one day at a time. I am the first and only member of DE, there has never been anyone else involved in it except for me.

4. You have recently returned from a rather lengthy stay down south with our American brothers, have you any crazy stories to relay? Or perhaps more to the throat of the matter, what was it like to be immersed in their scene, their environment to be at the heart of their spawning grounds? Could you contrast the two scenes (Canadian and American)?

Yes, that is correct, I was staying in Greenville, South Carolina. I don't really have any crazy stories, but I have some funny and memorable ones. When I went to see IMMOLATION play with GOATWHORE in Columbia SC, I went there early to hang out with my friends in IMMOLATION and GOATWHORE. Well, when me and my buddy Clay arrived, there was a big Playstation hockey game going on in GOATWHORE'S tour van between Ben Falgoust (GOATWHORE vocalist), who was the Edmonton Oilers, and Steve from CEPHALIC CARNAGE (who was IMMOLATION's roadie/guitar tech on this tour), who was the Dallas Stars, and Ben made a bet with Steve where if he were to lose the best of seven series to him, he would give Steve his NHL 2001 Playstation game along with some horror movies and porno's. Well, Ben ended up losing the series 4-3 in a very exciting and hilarious final game. During the last 5 minutes they were both yelling and screaming and shaking the van, and by the end they had a crowd of about 10 people around the van watching the finale of the game, rooting and cheering along! As for the scene there, it is a lot bigger than up here in Alberta, but you can't forget either that the US in general has a much larger population than Canada as a whole. I don't think the Americans realize just how lucky they are though, I saw more metal shows in the past half year down there, than I've seen in my life up here in Canada! There was so much metal down there it was fucking insane! For as big as cities like Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg are, I actually expected more of a scene though, the scene is ok there but not phenomenal. I went to New York City in June to see THE CHASM play, and fuck, that was insanity personified! That is the best metal scene I have ever seen so far! The venue that held the eight band fest was packed, and all of them were sick metal freaks! I saw a lot of great metal at that show bands like DIABOLIC, THE RAVENOUS, EVOKEN (killer doom metal!), NUNSLAUGHTER, and THE CHASM, who were the reason I went for, and are the best live band I have ever seen! As for the Canadian metal scene as a whole, I can't comment on the whole country itself, as I don't personally know how good the scene is in the east (though I'm told it's pretty good), but as for the west, we don't have much of a scene here at all, but the people who are in it, most of them are hardcore and 100% dedicated, and for that I am proud. I think it's great that we have such true and dedicated metal warriors here, even if there aren't too many of them. In SC, it was a fair sized scene, but there were only a select few that were real genuine, guys like Clay for example (The guy who I went to the IMMOLATION/GOATWHORE shows with), he is 100% metal! I have a ton of pictures of my metal experiences of the US, both SC and NYC on my website, so anyone that wants to can go check them out.

5. I understand that Zig is the artist of choice this time round. Having worked with a rather impressive roster he shall certainly deliver for you but how was it that you first came into contact with him? Why did you choose him over others just as capable? Can you give us an incite as to what kind of macabre imagery will befall our virgin eyes upon the release date?

I have the person who is responsible for the existence of my website to thank for that. His name is Umesh Amtey and he was the one who hooked me up with Zig. I was looking for an artist that would best suit the new CD and I had talked to several artists and they weren't quite what I was looking for and the ones that I did want to use were way too expensive, so Umesh and I started talking and he asked me if I ever heard of Jonzig before, and I told him that I remembered him from artwork he did on Corpse Gristle Magazine, and Umesh told me that he Zig was his tattoo artist and that he knew him, so he hooked me up with Zig's contact info, I got a hold of him, and the rest is history. Actually, I have to thank Umesh for a lot of things, he was the one that built the DE website for me, and he put a lot of work into it, he has been absolutely great and his support for DE is unparalled, so I am and always will be eternally grateful to him for that. I chose Zig over everyone else because he is just what I am looking for from an artistic perspective, he has a real sick, demented, dark aura to all of his works, and after checking out various samples, I knew he would be the one when I saw AVERSE SEFIRA'S covers for "Homecoming March", and the new one "Battle's Clarion". That is some of the most stunning and darkest artwork I've seen in a while. The work he did for INCANTATION'S "Lustful Demise" shirts are also real evil and dark. Also, he is charging a better price than anyone else is, and since I am funding the entire CD again, that was a very important concern of mine, because I have to try to stay within my budget. As we speak, Jonzig is at work creating what I hope will turn out to be some dark and unholy artwork, I won't go into too much detail as to what the cover will contain, but it will fit with the concepts of DE and the new CD, and I have a lot of confidence in Zig, so I'm sure it will be amazing!

6. Production wise will you be using the same studio once more for the new album? Has it ever been a consideration or probability for you to set up your own studio?

Yes, I will be working with the same engineer I worked with for "Dawn Of The Suffering". His name is Stew Kirkwood, and he is an excellent engineer and incredible to work with. He is very open minded and when you work with him, it is a very relaxing atmosphere and he always puts 100% of his effort into his work. He just recently made a massive upgrade to his recording equipment, so combining that with the fact that he has recorded with me in the past, this record should sound amazing. The first time around was pretty hard, because Stew hadn't recorded anything close to what I was doing before, so he didn't know anything about death metal at all and I had to make sure that all the leads and everything else was mixed to my liking, but this time he is more familiar with the sound, so hopefully it will be a little easier on him this time around. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the final product will sound like in the end, but I'm sure it will sound better than "D.O.T.S". I have worked with Stew many times in the past, he just keeps getting better and better every time, so I have a lot of faith in his ability. Yeah, I've considered setting up my own studio, but right now it is way too hard for me to do that on so many different levels. I can't afford the equipment right now, and I don't have the time to learn all the equipment properly so that I can achieve a decent sound. Doing DARKNESS ETERNAL the way I am doing it right now doesn't leave much time for anything, especially that, so for now I will keep going to people like Stew that can take care of the recording and engineering end of it, because he knows what he's doing.

7. Distribution is always an issue when one is releasing material so far you have done this by yourself correct? Is it likely that we will soon see you hooking up with say Indiepool or something similar? How would one who is without a copy of your debut be able to attain a copy of this rarity?

Well, with the exception of one distribution company, I am distributing "Dawn Of The Suffering" on my own. The company that is helping me in distributing the debut CD is called Ire Records, and they are based out of New Mexico, USA. They have been great to work with, and I'm sure they will be distributing the new CD as well. They distro a lot of great death/black/doom metal products, their website is located at For the new CD, I am going to work real hard at getting a lot more help distributing the new CD, as this takes a lot of time and effort on my part, and it's becoming harder and harder to do it on my own, so if I can land a good distribution deal, that would help me out a lot. I've already been talking to two big distribution companies about getting the new CD out there, so we'll see what happens. Yeah, I may end up going through Indiepool as well, we'll see, it depends upon the terms and conditions. You can currently get "Dawn Of The Suffering" a number of ways, the first and best way being directly through me and my website, which I will list all the info below at the end of this interview. If you live in Edmonton, you can get it at HMV in West Edmonton Mall, and you can get it a Sonix on White Avenue. As I mentioned before, you can also get it from Ire Records at

8. If you've got a message to get out there now is the time! Thanx for the interview George and best of luck with your next step into blasphemies shadows!

Thank you very much for the interview Tanner, and thank you also for your great support for DARKNESS ETERNAL, I really appreciate it! Keep spreading the black plague upon Alberta and the rest of the decaying planet with your zine, you guys are doing a great job! 666 hails go out to all the true warriors of the underground, keep the horns up high and proud, and thank you for your undying support for DE! If you don't have a copy of "Dawn Of The Suffering" and would like one, you can obtain it by sending $12 US (World), $15 (Canada, Canadian funds), well concealed cash of money order (make payable to George Velaetis) to: George Velaetis, P.O. Box 5002, Spruce Grove AB, Canada, T7X 3A2, E-mail me at: The Official Darkness Eternal Website:, it has tons of features like a bio, pictures, interviews, reviews, MP3's and is updated often with news, links, and more. The new DARKNESS ETERNAL CD is on the way, Prepare for DARK SALVATION!!!