ETERNAL 666 MAGAZINE (October 2001)

1) How are you guys Darkness Eternal?!!!

Hey Cathy! I'm doing fine thanks, I'm very very busy with DARKNESS ETERNAL right now, I'm getting ready to unleash the 2nd DE album, which will be entitled "Satanchrist". It's scheduled for release in mid-late November 2001, more info will be available on my official website very soon.

2) Can you tell me the history of your band?

DARKNESS ETERNAL was formed by me George Velaetis (I'm the sole and only member of the band, I write and arrange everything and play all the instruments on the CD's which are vocals, guitars, bass, and drums) in 1997 with my main goal being to create the darkest, most hateful and depressive form of dark death/doom metal that I could pull from my black heart and dark soul. From 1997-2000, I was writing and arranging material in preparation for the the first DE album which I recorded in April 2000 and was released in July 2000, this album is called "Dawn Of The Suffering" and contains 10 tracks of utter darkness, depression, and unholy hate and despair. "Dawn Of The Suffering" did very well in the underground, it got much praise and acclaim from magazines and webzines all over the world including Eternal Frost Webzine, Erebus Webzine, Burning Shadow Zine, Canadian Assault Zine, Vae Solis Webzine, Metalcore Zine, and many more. During that time I was promoting "D.O.T.S" as much as I could, since I am and always have been the only member of DARKNESS ETERNAL I didn't have the option to play live, so I had to work very hard to promote it in the underground. In March 2001, DE had it's official website come to life thanks to my friend and metal brother U.Amtey, and during the time after "D.O.T.S" was release, I was writing and arranging material for the new CD (Satanchrist) which I recorded in September 2001, and it will be released in November 2001.

3) What the hell Darkness Eternal means to you? I'm really confused of that term. Is it your principle of life?

DARKNESS ETERNAL means so much to me on so many different levels and spectrums. The term DARKNESS ETERNAL defines my life and my entire existence on this graveland of a planet called earth. It defines how I feel inside, and it also defines the way I see the human race and the path to where this world is headed, which is utter darkness, decay, and damnation. So yes, it is definitely a principle of life for me, it is all I have really known in this life, I haven't really been fortunate enough to know pure joy or happiness in a lasting form in this life, I know anguish, hate, and darkness most of all, it is something that I have accepted and become comfortable with.

4) Who decided to name this as your band? What made him do that?

As I stated before, I am the only member of the band, so I was the one who came up with the name, and again, referring to the previous question, the name for the band was a very easy choice because it is what defines me and my existence. I didn't choose the name because it is a "cool" death metal name, everything I do in this band, both musically and lyrically has great meaning to me personally, and so that is why the name DARKNESS ETERNAL, because that is who I am and what I am about.

5) What are your thoughts concerning your previous release and the new release? Does it have a big difference on the musicianship?

On a personal level, it was a great experience for me to write and finally record "Dawn Of The Suffering". It was the first time that I was able to fully express myself and my views fully from my own perspective, I had control over every aspect of the music and lyrics, and that is quite important to me because I am a visionary and it was important for me to get my vision out without having anybody tell me what I could and couldn't do. I was very surprised that it got as good as a response as it did from the underground, the style of metal that I play is definitely one of the most obscure, un-trendy, and darkest styles of metal out there, and dark death/doom metal isn't the most popular form of metal, but I don't give a shit because it is my first love and that is the style that I personally love to play the most. So I give many thanks and hails to the true metal warriors for their great support of "D.O.T.S". Looking back at it now a year and half later, I'm still very happy with it, for my first effort, I think it's great. It was a lot of hard work and effort for me do it, but it was worth it. Speaking of a lot of hard work and effort, the new CD was very hard to make from start to finish, much work went into this one. "Satanchrist" has taken everything that I did on "D.O.T.S" a big step up on every level; the production is better, the artwork is amazing thanks to Jonzig (whom did the artwork for the new CD), and the songs are even more hateful, extreme, unholy, depressing, tormenting, and most importantly, DARKER than "D.O.T.S". I think that fans of "D.O.T.S" will be very pleased with "Satanchrist", while everything has been taken upwards, the roots of DARKNESS ETERNAL's sound are still firmly in place, the dual guitar mayhem is still there, the mystic clean guitar is still present, the DOOM is still there, and the DARKNESS flows massively on "Satanchrist"! As for difference of musicianship, there isn't a big difference overall, some of the stuff I do on this CD are a little more complex, the songs are more intricate overall. The fast parts on the new songs are faster, and the slow doomy parts are slower than on "D.O.T.S", and I do even more dual guitar overdubs and harmonies than on "D.O.T.S", which gives this record even more of a dark brooding atmosphere than the last one. So the bottom line is if you liked "D.O.T.S", I'm sure that everyone will "Satanchrist"!

6) Any thoughts about your metal in your place right now?

The metal scene here is ok, it's not the biggest scene in the world, but most of the metal heads here are true metal warriors and are true and dedicated to the cause, so I'm very proud of that. We have some great bands from Alberta where I am from like LUST, OUROBOROS, AXIS OF ADVANCE, THORAZINE, DISCIPLES OF POWER, and more. Also, the infamous BLASPHEMY is from Vancouver BC, as are CONQUEROR. We don't get very many metal shows here, which really sucks, it looked like that was going to change as MARDUK, DIABOLIC, and KATAKLYSM were supposed to come up here to play, but the tour got cancelled as a result of the recent terrorist attacks in the USA, so we may not see many metal shows here (other than the local bands) for a quite a while now, I guess only time will tell.

7) Is there any shows to be maledicted? Where?

If you mean other bands, as I referred to in the previous question, no, not for a while. EXHUMED was supposed to come up from the US, but I don't know what the status of that is now. The legendary DISCIPLES OF POWER are playing a show this month, so that will be killer! As for DARKNESS ETERNAL, since I don't have a live band, I cannot play live, so no, there will be no DARKNESS ETERNAL live performances in the near future. Maybe if things are different in the future then that will change, but for now, I will keep doing things the way I am doing them, I'll do my best to try to keep releasing albums, band or no band, I'm fortunate that I am able to do it on my own.

8) Have you heard some metal bands from Philippines? ( I love to ask it since I'm from Philippines)

No, I haven't heard any metal bands from the Philippines, but I am always open to and looking for great metal to listen to from other countries, so anyone in a band that is reading this, get in touch, I love to keep in contact with killer bands from all over the world, the interaction of true metal warriors across the globe is something I really appreciate and feel that is what is keeping the scene alive and going today, that along with people like you working on and putting out underground fanzines, if we all work together in unity, we can keep the scene strong, proud, and trend free!

9) About some black metal bands out there, like DARK FUNERAL, what's your comments on them? Do you like or hate them? What's your favorite black metal band?

I've heard a couple of DARK FUNERAL's albums, and they didn't really do too much for me personally. I can't really say I have a specific favorite black metal band, but there are some that I really love and that blow me away, a band like THORNSPAWN (USA) for example, they are definitely one of my favorite black metal bands, they play the style of black metal I prefer, which is a grim holocaust of evil blasphemy, true black metal the way it should be played! Another one of my favorites is a band I recently stumbled upon called DEMONIZED from Mexico, I haven't heard black metal this great in a long time, dark and hateful black metal, they sound like ANGEL CORPSE on speed and their vocalist (Antimo) is one of the best vocalist I've heard heard in extreme music. I'm also a big fan of GOATWHORE, I was fortunate enough to see them play live twice (with IMMOLATION) and they were great! They mix modern sounding black metal with the old school aura of CELTIC FROST. Other black metal bands I like are BLOOD STORM, DROHM, IMMORTAL, CONQUEROR, LUST, OUROBOROS, ANGEL CORPSE, and more.

10) Are you really against Christianity? Do you hate all Christians? Are you supporting Satan's wrath?

I am against ALL organized religion general, not just Christianity, but it happens that Christianity is the main reference in my lyrics because that is what I am most familiar with since I was raised and taught of their beliefs and ways, but I am equally against anything that is made to suppress us as a people. I don't hate all Christians (though I do hate the hardcore Christians, you know, the ones that push and force their lies upon me), I just totally hate and despise their hypocritical beliefs and teachings. All that I heard when I was growing up was that "God loves us all" and "The lord Jesus Christ is our savior and healer", and the world is great, and I found all of that to be disgusting lies, and so I turned against it all. To me, I see things the exact opposite of what "Christianity" tells us. To me, a "God" that is so loving, caring, and wonderful shouldn't allow the amount of horrific suffering that has been allowed upon us for all these centuries, but yet this continues to happen. This world isn't a paradise in my eyes, it is an ever-burning hell of a pathetic human race and a decaying planet which these very humans that inhabit it are destroying the planet themselves. Assuming of course a higher power even exists (because nobody knows for sure), this "God" is not loving and caring, he is evil and mocks and laughs at all of us and our torment and suffering. I speak of this entire issue in depth on "Satanchrist", and after what I have just said, you can probably see the reference to the album being named "Satanchrist". So, in my eyes, this fiend that goes by the name of "Nazarene" should be destroyed, and the hypocritical teachings of his should be destroyed and cremated with him. To answer you final question, I am not a Satanist, I am a nihilist and totally anti-religion, so it depends on what you mean when you ask if I "support Satan's wrath". I support free-thinking and the ability to choose your own path based on you and your life experiences, not by some book or what mom and dad told you. If it leads to the abolishment of organized religion, then I will support whatever it is!

11) What are your influences? State some bands that you love most.

My influences and inspirations lyrically are the darkness, depression, agony, and hatred that I have inside me, as well as my life experiences on this hell called earth. Musically, while I incorporate my own style and playing into the music, bands that have influenced me are IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, THE CHASM, and AUTOPSY. As for bands I love most, the ones I just mentioned are some of my all time favorites. THE CHASM are one of the most amazing and original bands I've ever heard in my life, their music really touches me deeply and they are truly an inspiration to me. INCANTATION are the masters of dark death metal, and IMMOLATION are also gods of darkness. As for AUTOPSY, they are legends and they were one of the first bands to have real dark and grim riffs, and that totally inspired me when I first heard it! All of the bands that I mentioned are special to me in their own way, and all of them are pioneers at what they do, all of them play DARK music, and all of them are originators, and I respect all of them for that. Another band I really love is FALLEN CHRIST, they only put out one full length album, and in my opinion it is a classic!! This guys are heavily underrated, I can't believe that a lot of people never heard of them before, they are gods of darkness!! "Abduction Ritual" is one of the best CD's ever released in my opinion! I also like and respect BULLDOZER, POSSESSED, BLOOD RITUAL, DOMAIN, DIABOLIC, KRISIUN, NUNSLAUGHTER, WORSHIP, EVOKEN, and many more.

12) Do you cover some songs from your favorite bands? Does it made you challenged?

Well, since I have never taken DARKNESS ETERNAL on a live stage, I don't cover any songs. I mainly like to write and perform my own music, but I learn and play some covers on my own just for my own personal practice and enjoyment, and yes, some of the songs that I choose to learn are very challenging. DARKNESS ETERNAL was asked to be on a BULLDOZER tribute album last November, and I was going to make an exception for that since I love BULLDOZER so much, but the timing of it was bad at the time, I was in the process of moving and didn't have the time to record the song, so I couldn't do it, but maybe one day I will cover a song for a tribute album if it is a band I really love and respect, but personally I think the whole "covers" and "tribute album" thing has become way too overdone and trendy lately. If I ever do it, it will be for the right reasons, to show my respect and honor the band that I am covering. It seems nowadays a lot of bands do it because their label tells them that they have to and some bands end up doing like 15 different covers for tribute albums, and that kind of sucks, because there are really an abundance of tribute albums out right now, you know like 15 different SLAYER tributes and stuff like that.

13) Do you have any merchandise?

The only merchandise I have right now are copies of the debut album "Dawn Of The Suffering", and as soon as it is released I will have the new album "Satanchrist" for sale as well. I have posters for both albums made up that I send for free when someone orders a CD from me. I hope to have some shirts and stickers made up in the near future, so if hopefully that will all happen if everything goes as planned. People can check the website for all the latest information on the band and the merchandise I will have in the future.

14) Oh!! What are your last words to all your supporters around the world? Thanks for the interview.

Thanks very much for the interview and for supporting DARKNESS ETERNAL Cathy, I really appreciate it! Eternal hails to all the true underground metal warriors that have supported DARKNESS ETERNAL and its cause, I am grateful to you all! The new DARKNESS ETERNAL album "Satanchrist" will be released in mid-late November 2001 and fans of the first one will love the new one, so prepare for Dark Salvation as DARKNESS ETERNAL returns with a vengeance!!