Darkness Eternal

Well, let me ask you this to start things off: how is Darkness Eternal progressing these days? How is the composing process for the second album coming along, and what should listeners expect in this next installment from your band? And are there any specific challenges, breakthroughs, or evolutions in your music you want to relate? How will it be different from your first album? What themes will the second album be based on? Any direct inspiration from life?

Darkness Eternal is progressing very well right now, the positive feedback for the debut album "Dawn Of The Suffering" has been amazing, the album has been out almost one year now, and there is still a buzz about it from the underground, so I am very happy for that, it was certainly something I didn't anticipate. DE is still keeping me real busy, I'm continuing to do interviews, promote DE, and now Darkness Eternal has it's official website up at The composing process for the second album is coming along pretty good so far, I have seven songs fully written and arranged musically, and I have an eighth one I am currently working on. Basically I want to have all the new material ready by July, as I am going into the studio in August 2001 to record the new record, that is the plan anyway, hopefully nothing will get screwed up! What should the listeners expect for the new record? Well, they should expect the new record to be a step up from "Dawn Of The Suffering", in every aspect. It will be darker, more depressing, more extreme, and more unholy than "D.O.T.S". Most importantly though, it will be 100% DARKNESS ETERNAL. What I mean by that, is simply that while I have taken everything a notch upwards, it will still be the same formula I have always followed for creating DE's darkened hymns, it will have all the important components that define DE's sound, the dual guitar attack is still there, the clean guitar passages are still there, the DOOM passages are definitely still there, and most importantly, the DARKNESS is still there. The music will be advanced in the sense that while I maintain my sound, there some of the stuff is more complex than "D.O.T.S", as I have grown as a musician in the last year, but everyone will know it's still DE. As for the themes, obviously the Anti-Christian sentiment is still there and always will be , but as a whole, this record will be even more personal than "D.O.T.S". In the last year I've had a lot of terrible shit go on in my personal life, and all that will show itself on the new record, believe me. My total inspiration from this record came from the events that occurred in my life this year. The new record will be even angrier, more hateful, depressing, and unholy than ever before!

A multi-part question. There's something I've wondered about for a long time, and which I have received various contrasting comments on: just how do Canadians, taken as a whole, really see their neighbors to the south? Not just socially/politically, but more specifically as well, how does the Canadian metal scene view the American bands that have flourished down here? Lately Canada has been gaining more and more attention for its grind/death bands like Cryptopsy, and Kataklysm has always been a contender, but what else can you tell us about metal in Canada? Are there any really strong bands that you would like to mention? How is it accepted? What was it like for you growing up and being into this kind of music?

Well, that is a real tough question, different people from different areas and sides of the country will tell you different things, but I think that Canada as a whole doesn't dislike the US as much as the US would like people to believe. You have to remember that we have almost as much in common as we have differences. For the most part, I guess we just like to do our thing and not try to bother anyone else. If Canadians hate Americans or vice versa, maybe they are taking the patriotism thing too far you know? I believe that we are PEOPLE first, not American or Canadian or whatever else, that is secondary. As for the metal scenes of each country, again, it's hard to say, but I will say that Canadian metal heads know a lot more about US bands than Canadian ones. All the "bigger" US bands sell real well here in Canada, so obviously the majority of metal listeners here like the US death/black metal scene, which is fine because the US produces some killer extreme music. From my perspective from living on the Western side of Canada, I find that we are a lot different than the east, especially when it comes to the metal scene. The east side of Canada (Ontario and Quebec especially) has a much bigger scene than we have here in the west. All the "bigger" bands that come out of Canada are all from the east, like the bands you mentioned; Cryptopsy and Kataklysm. I find the east produces a lot of the "technical" style death metal and grindcore bands like Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Oblivieon etc., while here in Western Canada, the I find the bands coming out of here to be more, I don't know, it's hard to explain what a lot of the bands from here sound like, I'll say that we have some original sounding stuff coming out of Western Canada, bands like Lust for example, like or hate them, I can honestly tell you that I've never heard anything like what they are doing, real extreme and barbaric black/war metal, vocals that need to be heard to be believed. Or a band like Conqueror, that is some of the most extreme shit I've ever heard, very grim black/war metal. Then we got bands out of western Canada like the infamous Blasphemy, Ouroboros, Disciples Of Power, Axis Of Advance, and more. We got great bands from the east as well like Rotting, and of course we have to remember the legendary bands like Sacrifice, Voivod, Slaughter, Razor, and Possessed. I find that the bands here in the west are really extreme and insane sounding, in a primitive sort of way usually, while in the east, it is very brutal, heavy, and technical. I mean like or hate a band like Cryptopsy, they are probably the best musicians in death metal today, and I find a lot of the whole "Quebec" scene is full of real killer musicians, even if I'm not a fan of some of their music, I respect that quality that they have. Overall, I feel that while we may not have the quantity of bands that the US has, we make up for it in the quality, and more importantly, the originality of our bands. The most original bands I have heard of have come from Canada, Australia, and Mexico. Maybe the US scene is over saturated, or maybe we Canadians are just utterly insane, I don't know HAHA!! As for growing up and being into this kind of music, it was both good and bad. It was bad in a sense that you will always be misunderstood by everyone, no matter what you do, so I had to come to a point in my life where I just didn't give a shit about what anyone felt or thought about what I was into, if they don't like it than they can leave me the fuck alone and I'll do my thing and you can do yours. It's not so bad when it's some trendy fucks that are lost anyway, but it gets a little discerning when your family doesn't understand and they are against it and all that because they think that this is a "phase". But, it was good in a sense, because I felt that sense of pride and individuality that only true feelings for metal can give a person, I listen to and play metal because I truly love it with an undying passion, and I've always been so proud of that, I've never bowed to any trend or done anything because I was "supposed" to, and I'm very glad that I had the ability to become an individual instead of a mindless follower like how 99% of today's society is.

From talking to you before, I know that you mostly write or play late at night - are there any specific reasons for this? Personally, I've found that my own creative abilities seem enhanced at around the three or four AM hours, and I wondered what were your exact thoughts on this it because 'dark' music is naturally inspired, somehow, by the night that gave birth to it, or is it just a result of the quiet that reigns at these times which aids concentration? Or is it something else? Have you ever written music during the day and then, listening to it later, were dismayed by what you heard - finding that somehow the day and light had 'bled' into it and had to be extracted?

Well, there are quite a few reasons why I mainly write or play late into the night, one of them being that for the last three years of my life, I have worked like a mad man, I've worked a regular job from 60-84 hours a week, and thus, late at night was the only time I had to play and write material. Another reason is that I am nocturnal and an insomniac. I can rarely get a decent sleep at night, and so I will wisk the hours away by playing guitar and creating music. I am like you in that sense actually, I am at my best late at night, or in the presence of darkness, I can't really explain why, it's not something that is purposely done that's for sure, but like I said before, I am nocturnal. I really hate the daytime for anything, I dislike natural light and I can't stand being out in the sun for more than 10 minutes! That is why, in the room where I play guitar and I write currently, it is in a basement, and I only have one small window in there, so I blocked it off so that the room is in complete and total darkness 24 hours a day. When I wake up in the day time, it's so dark in there that I have to look at the clock to realize that it is 2:00 p.m.!! So I've never had a problem where I've written something in the day time and the "light bled in", because I eliminate the light factor altogether. The thing that helps me the most when creating music is my moods sometimes. Believe it or not, when I am in a very depressed or saddened state, that is when I write my absolute best riffs, that is when I can really channel the darkness inside of me, and bring it out in the form of music. Everyone will see this in the new album, it is the darkest stuff I've ever written! So it is when I am on the verge of slashing my wrists that I write my darkest pieces of music. I guess you could say that my suffering provides my art.

Tell me a little about the entire writing process for Darkness Eternal. I'm guessing here that you put together the guitar parts first, and then move on to other things - is that true? How do you record or remember your basic ideas? How do you first come up with the music - is it just from a position of practicing, trying new things with your guitar, or do you think about it away from your instruments, planning it out in the abstract? Are the lyrics written first, or is it the music?

Yes, that is correct, I write music with the guitar, that is the instrument of creation for me. This is generally how a DE song is written: I use my 4 track TASCAM recording machine, without it I would be so lost! What I do first is I write all the riffs on the guitar. When I am satisfied with all the riffs I have written, I record them onto the 4 track so that I don't forget any of them, because I have short term memory, which is a really shitty thing for a writer to have!! Then I will start to arrange the riffs in a way that the song will flow in a smooth fashion, and when I am satisfied with that, I start writing and adding lead guitar parts over the rhythms that I feel require a lead part over it. Once all that is said and done and I have the main basis of the song musically, I'll write and add the bass lines to the guitars. When that is complete, the hard and sometimes very frustrating part comes into play, the drums. Now, anyone who knows DE's music knows that I don't like to use drum machines, and since I am capable of playing drums, I prefer to use real drums on my songs, so I will get ideas of drum parts in my head, and I will get behind my kit and try to bring them to life. This is the very hard and trying part of creating a song, because sometimes the drums can make or break a certain riff or certain part of a song. So once I have figured out what I want drum-wise for the song, I start arranging the drum parts in order, and then I memorize them. When I go to write and record a song, I start out with the drums first, so that everything is in time. So I will record the drum tracks first, then I will add the rhythm guitars, then the lead guitars, then the bass, and finally I'll put the lead and back up vocals on top of all of that, and there you have how a Darkness Eternal song is created from start to finish. As for how I write the music, I wish I could fully answer that, I don't really know, it just comes from within me. The weird thing about the way I write is that I can never sit down and say to myself, "ok, you're going to write a song today". It just doesn't work like that for me, if I "plan" to write something, it never happens, and I just play guitar for hours writing absolute shit, and end up getting very frustrated. I have to let the music come to me most of the time. Like when I am just jamming for the hell of it, I'll write a great riff out of nowhere, and then usually from there I'll write another and another and before I know it an entire song starts to get created. Like I said before, the mood I am in also plays a factor in my writing, when I feel like shit is when I write my best stuff, because I am so motivated to play my guitar to get away from all my misery and torment, and dark music comes out of it! I always write my lyrics last, after all the music is created, arranged, and recorded, and again, my moods play a big part in the way the lyrics come out as well.

How inspirational are your dreams when it comes to the themes and ideas behind your music? Is Darkness Eternal meant to be, somehow, a cathartic experience for you - a way of (I won't say coping) orienting yourself to your experiences/thoughts and gaining mastery over your own emotions? Do you think there are certain people (I'm speaking of 'extreme' musicians here) who are just, somehow, angrier and more energetic than the 'common' man, or is it a case of the musicians just being able to express themselves adequately and, as such, making their emotions noticeable?

Actually, my dreams, or in my case, nightmares, can become very inspirational to the themes and ideas in my music. They just add more fuel to fire that exists within me already you know? This will sound very strange, but sometimes I'll have a bit of trouble writing lyrics completely to my liking, and I'll go to sleep, and I'll have a terrible nightmare. My nightmares are usually very dark, obscure, and very vivid, I have seen some extremely dark occurrences in my nightmares, and sometimes images and ideas will just pop up in my nightmare while I'm having it, and I'll wake up in a cold sweat, and try as hard as I can not to forget what I saw, and I'll quickly jot down the ideas and imagery I saw in my nightmare and it will fit some songs perfectly. A lot of "Mass Suicide" was actually based on a nightmare I had, and it just came out real dark and obscure. Darkness Eternal is definitely a cathartic experience for me. It is more a way of me unleashing and getting out my dark feelings more than anything. Just getting all of my hatred, misery, suffering, and torment out you know? I would even have to admit that sometimes it is a way for me to cope with some of my emotions. Darkness Eternal and metal in general is everything for me, it is my life, without it I really don't have any reason to be on this graveland called earth. To the second part of your question, I think it is both. There are definitely certain people whom are angrier and more energetic than "common man". I am a perfect example of this. This is why, like I said before, playing this extreme music is almost like a from of therapy for me sometimes, being able to exert all that hate and anger in way that you are not physically causing harm to anything, I think it's great. And then, I have seen some cases where I've met death metal musicians who were very calm and mellow, but just loved to play heavy and brutal music to express themselves in that way, and that is cool too. I mean, everyone does things for their own reasons, so whatever works for them.

Has it ever occurred to you that death metal, as a style of music and a specific manner of playing the guitar, may not be the most effective way to reduce one's violent leanings? That in fact it is a sort of perpetual motion machine, producing even more violence and anger than is put into it - as an excitement, a sort of accelerant? Comments? Do you feel that there is a sort of limit that can be reached with this sort of music where one is exhausted and traumatized by the level of energy and commitment that has to be put into it? Why do you think musicians do this to themselves - punishing themselves with their own compositions?

In my opinion, not really. Speaking from my personal experience alone, death metal has had a much more positive impact on my life than a negative one. Had I not been listening to and playing this extreme style of music, I think I would have snapped and just started going on a killing spree!! I mean, in my opinion, this is the best way to exert your utmost dark, hateful, and extreme emotions, through art and through music. It is such a gratifying experience for me and for a lot of other people too. I think that the people whom get physically violent just cannot control their inner emotions and thus exert them by physical violence and hurting other people, innocent ones in many cases, and I personally don't agree with this. And then, everyone see's fit to blame the music for this attitude, when in fact these people need to learn to control their emotions. They need to find ways to exert their hatred in a way that will speak louder than any physical violence, yet will not get them in any trouble and physically hurt anyone. I mean, it's one thing when you are committing an act of violence in a certain situation like self-defense or whatever else, but otherwise I feel that expressing these feelings in a form such as art or music is really more beneficial. For the second part of your question, I think that all depends on the person in question. I think for the people that truly love this kind of music, and really put their heart and soul into it 100%, I don't they can ever do enough or get tired of it. I know that this is certainly the case for me, I work so hard for Darkness Eternal, on every level, from creating the music, to arranging it, to recording it, and then to promote it by selling the CD's myself and doing all the management and business bullshit involved, while at the same time trying to pay the bills and support myself by working a day job, it is very exhausting and overwhelming at times, but fuck, I just love to do it so much, because playing dark death metal is very rewarding for my soul, and it makes all the effort worth it. I think there is definitely a time when it can become too much, but like I said before, I think the reason we punish ourselves so much for our art is because we love it so much, and in my case anyway, I am and always will be too stubborn to give it up, it has too much importance in my life.

Related to the above questions, do you think that death metal, on the whole, has increased the 'level' of violence not only in the metal scene at large, but in society? Or does it act as a sort of 'safety valve' for its listeners, like I said above, reducing, through the process of identification and catharsis, violent urges that would otherwise be directed towards other people? Is this truly a 'positive' aspect of the music, or should these violent urges really be directed towards their natural targets? Does death metal, through its percussive, brutal assault on one's emotions, really bring about a state of political/social apathy in its listeners?

No, I don't think that death metal as a whole has increased the level of violence in the metal scene or society for that matter. I think stupid, ignorant people have caused this. I get real sick and tired of parents and authority figures blaming the music for all that is wrong with the world today. If anyone is to blame, it is the parents and authority figures themselves, because while they are out bitching and complaining about everything, they are not even being responsible and taking care of and teaching their own children about what is "right" and what's "wrong". I don't know if many of the metal listeners out there find the music to be cathartic to them, I feel that people like me who actually "feel" the music and take it as more than just "heavy metal" are very rare, especially today. I've only encountered a select few that are like me in this way. But I don't think that it directly causes people to be violent, I think there is enough chaos in the world already to cause that. Like I said in the previous question, if people can find ways to exert their aggression without physical violence, that is cool, if not, then I don't know. I don't think death metal is or ever was meant to be a "positive" thing you know? I mean, a lot of what death metal does is reveal the negative aspects of life and the world around us, and in 99% of the time, it is the truth as well. I've never been about pessimism so much as I am for revealing the truth, and it's just that truth happens to be very negative and "normal" people don't want to accept this. Too bad for them. The truth shall set you free I guess!!

Why do you think so many death metal bands are blatantly misogynistic, writing or singing about the killing and mutilation of women? Is it just tradition, or do you think there are natural/repeating reasons for this? As a musician who has released an album that is distributed widely, do you feel a certain responsibility towards your own listeners or towards young people who read your lyrics/listen to your music? Do you often think about the people who listen to Darkness Eternal, and what they are taking away from it or how it makes them feel?

That's a real good question. There are probably numerous reasons why, maybe for certain bands they had very bad experiences with women and relationships, and so they take out their frustrations by singing about killing and raping them. Or maybe it is because they were brought up by parental figures that were misogynists and they brought their child up to be that way. Or maybe some death metal bands feel that it is "cool" and "metal" to sing about killing and raping women. I mean, I'm sure there are lots of reasons for this. I think another good reason is, (and I find this to be the case with a lot of black metal and dark death metal bands) because generally, the woman represents the purity and innocence of the world, and in this day and age, where we live among 99% of women being total babylonian whores, it is way to attack how impure and dishonest they are, and how they use their cunts to get what they want in today's world, and also a way to symbolically use the essence of the woman to show the darkness of the world. As for the second part of your question, no, I really don't feel any responsibility towards my listeners or young people in that sense, because I create Darkness Eternal's music for myself first. I create it to satisfy my soul, and it will always be that way. I don't make music for money or to be cool or to preach, or anything like that, it is and always will be 100% from the heart and soul. I want to create the darkest music that I can because I love doing it, I'm not trying to be a role model or anything like that, because I'm not one. Besides, death metal is a style that won't be accepted by the "mainstream" in general anyway, so I know that if a person is going to make an effort to buy my music, it will be because they like it. My responsibility to my fans is very simple, with DE, I will continue to create the darkest, most depressing, and devastating unholy creations that I can, and I always vow to stay true to my roots. My music is dedicated to all the TRUE metal freaks around the globe, and I am grateful for all the great support that I have gotten from each and every person out there. Yes, I do think about what people are getting out of my music, I mean it is such a great feeling when someone writes me and tells me how much they like, feel, and appreciate my music. It's great when someone can truly comprehend and feel your music, and that is the reason why I release and make my music available to the public, for those reasons, so that those people can really get into and feel the dark hymns that I create. But like I said before, I create the music for myself first, and if people like it, that is great, and if they don't, that is fine too, I'll keep doing it either way because I love it.

Explain to me the source of your hatred not only for Christians in general, but for Jesus in particular. Your songs constantly attack his image, history, and claims of divinity - why? Why is your hatred for Christ so inspirational to you? Do you attack the Church in the abstract, as a matter of life philosophy, or are you directly assaulting the political institution of the Church here on earth?

The source of my hatred for Christianity an all organized religion in general started at a very young age for me. I was 12 years old when I just got sick and tired of all the false talk and promises that I heard. I was brought up in a Greek Orthodox household, I mean my parents weren't hardcore or anything like that, but they believe in their religion, and they obviously tried to bring me up to believe it, but I saw through the lies of religion. I've always had a tormenting life, right from the beginning, and all I was told by people when I was young was that "Christ is our saviour" and "Jesus loves us all" and blah, blah, blah!! And there was never any "God" or "Jesus" there for me, or for this decaying planet for that matter, and I just got sick and tired of hearing false promises that never came to form, so I turned completely against it all. From that point on I really spawned a dark hatred towards everything that had to do with organized religion, and that hatred just grew and grew and continues to do so up to this day. The one thing about myself that I always openly admit is that I try to be as open-minded a person as possible. I really can't say if a "God" or a higher power exists or not, no can because no one has seen it with their own eyes, but if "God" does exist, I have such an intense hatred towards him/her/it, because if this "God" is to be so powerful, why are we in a world of utter decay, suffering, and damnation? What kind of saviour allows pain and suffering upon good and innocent people? What kind of "Messiah" allows evil to constantly conqueror good? So this "Nazarene" to me is nothing but a liar and a treacherous deceiver. So then I see the majority of the population fearing and worshipping this fool, and I'm thinking, supposing he does exist, why would these idiots worship something that is the complete opposite of what he says he is? I mean are people really that blind and afraid of him that they follow like mindless sheep? And worst of all, is that Christianity is the absolute most hypocritical religion out there, I mean for them it is ok to sin as long as they repent to God, and then everything is ok again. So this guy can cheat on his wife, but God will forgive him if he repents, or this guy can rape and murder someone, but God will forgive him of course because he has gone and repented. So this glorious saviour forgives us all and loves us so so much!! Bullshit! Everyday that Christ's image is present, the darkness within me grows stronger and stronger, and that will just make me create more evil and blasphemous hymns! I attack the Church on both levels, both as a life philosophy and as a political institution, because their philosophy is a hypocrisy of lies, and the Church is way to fund those lies. It's a tax free, money making operation. But like I said, I'm open-minded, live and let live, as long they don't bother me, then that is fine, otherwise...

Let me ask you about a specific lyric in Darkness Eternal's music - namely the lines from the song 'Mass Suicide' which read: 'Heaven unbound, absolved from lies/Forbidden life, free from this sin/Bleeding in vain, extinguish pain' - does this refer specifically to man's state under divine 'providence', where the only escape from the sins and lies of Christian teaching seems to be a independent act - the ultimate sin, suicide - or is it a sort of illustration of the feelings of Christians who feel that, somehow fallen from the light and discovering Christ's fallibility, they can only commit suicide in despair? Or is it neither of these, being inspired by Jonestown and other such incidents?

Well, to sum up the entire meaning of "Mass Suicide", basically that song is about how all the followers of organized religion keep believing and following their so called "higher power", only to finally discover that it was all a string of lies, and in what is the first event to cause the Apocalypse on earth, they all see that evil and sin has conquered their souls and so the entire planet begins killing itself because of all of the shock and trauma that was caused by finally finding out that they were wrong for 2000 years. So I think the lines that you specifically mentioned more or less refer to the illustration of Christians that see that the light was a lie, and that they commit suicide in despair, because they lived their lives all this time according to something they had never even seen before, and they realize that they lived in this utter decay of a planet as a punishment instead of a reward. That there will be no heaven to depart to. That there will be no Christ to love them and save them. That this world truly is Darkness Eternal (excuse the pun HAHA!). I will elaborate even more on these subjects on the new record, you can bet on that!

Tell me how you feel about political subjects, complaints, rhetoric, or commentary being included in death metal lyrics - in your mind do they really belong in the manner and tradition? Or are they better left to grindcore, punk, or hardcore bands? Why do you think there is such a deep level of 'fantasizing', or the element of the unreserved imagination, inherent in death metal? Why is death metal always seeking to push 'beyond' certain boundaries - both lyrical and musical?

That's a good question. This kind of hard to answer, because on one hand, I really don't have too much of an opinion on this, I mean bands of all styles metal are going to use their music to express their ideas and beliefs whether I or anyone else likes it or not anyway, so if I don't like the lyrical content of something, or it's not my style of lyrics, I'll ignore them. On the other had, the term "Death Metal" to me has always defined these things: death, darkness, hatred, sickness, and extremity. So I myself prefer to listen to death metal lyrics that deal with these subjects more than other subjects like politics. Plus the fact that I'm not a political person at all doesn't help either. That's why my favorite style of the death metal is DARK death metal, in every sense of that term, from dark and grim riffs, to dark, depressive, and hateful lyrics. So I don't know, it's kind of a double-edged sword when talking about this topic. I think that there is such an emphasis on imagination and seeking to always push the boundaries further and further because first of all, this is definitely the style of music to do this in. I think that for the most part, the defining death metal bands anyway, want to continue to push the limits because I think they are so sick and tired of how so many bands start off extreme, and then wimp out for money, or whatever else the reason is for them, so they just say, "fuck this!", so they decide to push the boundaries further than ever before. Another reason for this, sadly, is because there are so many bands out there that think "being as extreme as possible is so cool!!", so they make their lyrics and music to shock and impress people. Personally I think that this is bullshit, and this is what we don't need in an already over saturated scene. To me, metal should always come from the heart and soul first. If you are going to be more dark or extreme for the right reasons, then I'm all for it. Also, I truly do believe that death/black/doom metal has the truest and most dedicated followers of any music scene in the world today. The majority of people who listen to this style of music do it because it affects them, they truly love it, and don't listen to it because it is the new number one song on MTV. I know I feel very strongly about this, death metal isn't just music to me, it's a way of life, it has been since the day I got into it, and will be until the day I die. I don't know very many trend fags that will be supporting the new hip MTV band in five years from now, I know I will love The Chasm, Immolation, Incantation, and all of the bands that made an impact on me 20 years from now, if I'm alive by then HAHA!

Alright, I think that's enough of an interrogation for now...any last words or comments? Thanks for doing this interview, and best wishes for the future prosperity of your music...

Thank you very much for this interesting interview, I had fun answering it! Also, a very personal thanks to you Umesh for all of your support for Darkness Eternal, I'm so glad that you appreciate what I'm doing, and I'm grateful beyond words for everything you have done for me so far. Thank you Erebus webzine for all of your amazing support not just for DE, but for underground metal as well, keep up the amazing work. Thanks to everyone that has supported DE and it's cause, I truly appreciate it. Also, a special thanks to my friends and metal warriors Daniel Corchado and The Chasm for an unforgettable time in New York City! Darkness Eternal has an official website now, located at The new record is set to be recorded in August 2001, and I'm sure everyone that liked "Dawn Of The Suffering" will love the next one, I promise it will be darker than ever!! Check the website out for news on the new CD and other updates, as it is updated with links, pictures, and other info quite frequently.