1.How are you George? Are you still a one man band?

666 hails Fritz! I'm doing ok, keeping real busy with DARKNESS ETERNAL as usual, still trying to promote the new album "Satanchrist" as much as I can, and I'm keeping real busy with metal and just life in general. Yes, DARKNESS ETERNAL still only consists of just me, I wrote, arranged, and recorded all of the instruments and vocals on both DE releases, "Dawn Of The Suffering" and "Satanchrist".

2."Dawn of the Suffering" gained a worldwide recognition, It seems that three years of hard work had been paid off?

Yeah, "Dawn Of The Suffering" got a great response world-wide in the underground, much to my surprise to tell you the honest truth, because this style of DARK death/doom metal definitely isn't the most popular form of metal out there today, so I was extremely pleased with the response for that record! Yeah, overall all the work I put into "D.O.T.S." did pay off for me, first and foremost just as a personal accomplishment for myself, the fact that I worked so hard and set my mind and soul into the creation and recording of the songs on "D.O.T.S", I made that record for myself first, for my love and passion for true metal and darkness. So it was so great to finally have the finished product in my hand and to be able to look it and realize that my dream and goal had become a reality, despite all the hell, suffering, and sacrifice I had to go through to make that record, both financially (as I funded everything for DE, and I still do) and personally. So it was a great achievement for me personally. The fact that the metal underground world-wide praised it like they did was just a great bonus for me, and something that I am and always will be appreciative for, that is why I release my albums on this scale to the public, because of their support, and as long as the support is there I will continue do so as long as I can!

3.Your music in the "Dawn of the Suffering"(debut album) do have an old school feel of death and plenty of horrifying atmosphere? How will you comment on that?

Yes, I have to agree with you on that statement. There is some old school feel to "D.O.T.S", and I think the production on that particular CD gives it that old school vibe, it's kind of murky and grim. For that record, while I think the production could have been better in certain aspects, it is definitely fitting for those songs. Yeah, there is definitely a lot of DARK and brooding atmosphere on "D.O.T.S", as with everything I have done or will ever do with DE, it's that distinct sound/style that I think separates DE from a lot of the other bands out there today. DARKNESS ETERNAL is the total expression and the unleashing of my deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings, and as a result I write these dark and obscure hymns, and just my own personal torment, suffering, and inner turmoil is what contributes to these dark and brooding atmospheres and passages. I still feel to this day that "D.O.T.S" is a dark and haunting record. I always write and play metal with pride, soul, feeling, and 100% darkness, and it will always be that way, "D.O.T.S" was the first step in this long and black journey for me.

4.While on the "SatanChrist"(2nd album) it has a mature feeling everything was taken to the extreme level, but the unholy sound of the debut album is still present?

Yes, that is correct. With "D.O.T.S" being my debut record, that is where it all began for DE you know? That is where all the roots for the sound and style all started, was from that record. That is where I established the sound, style, and atmosphere I was looking to create. So with "Satanchrist", those roots stayed firmly planted, but I advanced on everything on "Satanchrist", everything from the music, to the lyrics, to the complexity, to the guitar playing, to the drumming, it's all been taken to the next level. "Satanchrist" is darker, more depressing, more unholy, and more extreme than its predecessor, and if you listen to it it definitely shows! So I totally advanced and took a big step forward with "Satanchrist", but without losing the feel, formula and important components that make DE what it is and what it always will be. The hate will always be there, the blasphemy will always be there, the gloomy atmosphere will always be there, the DOOM will always be there, and the DARKNESS will always be there! I will never compromise my sound or style for anyone or anything, DARKNESS ETERNAL will always maintain it's sound, but I will continue to try to make everything I write darker and darker each and every time!

5.Why naming the 2nd album SatanChrist?

Well, although my lyrics are from my perspective and have lots of meaning and are very personal to me, I always think it's good for people to interpret the lyrics and look into them through themselves and see what they mean to that particular individual. I named this record "Satanchrist" mainly because the concept of this record deals a lot with my personal hatred for Christianity, Jesus Christ, and all organized religion for that matter, and how false and misleading these religions are. I first created and used the term "Satanchrist" on the first record "D.O.T.S", in the lyrics of the song "Unrepenting Malice", and I decided to call the new record "Satanchrist", because to me, that term basically defines how I personally feel about this so called "higher power" or Jesus, or whatever you want to call it. I've always had a miserable life, right from the beginning, and all I was told by people when I was young was that "Christ is our saviour" and "Jesus loves us all" and blah, blah, blah!! And there was never any "God" or "Jesus" there for me, or for this graveland of a planet for that matter, and I just got sick and tired of hearing false promises that never came true, so I turned completely against it all. From that point on I really spawned a dark hatred for this "savior" and always thought to myself that if indeed this being does exist, and he is up there in the heavens, Why does he not do something about the state of the world in which HE supposedly created? He is not loving and caring, he is a sick and diabolical puppeteer that has us all in his web of deceit, and he just fucks with us and when misery and torment comes, he sits up there in his throne in heaven and laughs at us. So I see this "Christ" not as a perfect loving savior, but an imperfect soulless fuck that just torments us for his own enjoyment. I mean, all these people worship and praise him, but what kind of savior allows pain and suffering upon good and innocent people? What kind of "Messiah" allows evil to constantly conqueror good? So this "savior" to me is nothing but a liar and a treacherous deceiver. So infact, this actions of this so called Jesus if he does exist are more evil than good, to me he fits the description of Satan more than the this ever-loving God, so hence the title "Satanchrist".

6.Your Lyrics deals with death, damnation and blasphemy, any particular incident that led you to Blaspheme all that is holy and all that stupid organized religion?

Well, unfortunately that is all I seems to know, understand, and comprehend, and I will continue to dwell on these subjects as until they are no longer a dominant part of my life, or just life in general. Unfortunately I don't see that ever happening! No, I wouldn't really say one particular incident really, just an enormous amount of incidents over the period of my stupid miserable life. I base my life, morals, and personal beliefs on my personal life experiences, and based on those I just cannot fall to my knees and pray to a God that was never ever there for me when I was told countless amount of times growing up that he would be. I never saw this God, so I will never ever believe in him, and like I said before, if he does exist, he/she/it has my eternal dark hatred for eternity!

7.Ok , when did you learn to play the guitars , bass ,etc.., Is it advantageous enough to be one man band?

Well, the first thing that I ever did musically was vocals when I played in my very first band when I was 16. I was always a creative person, and always heard things like riffs and drum beats/patterns in my head, but could never explain to the people I played with how the riffs and beats went so I learned to play bass and drums first, about 7 or 8 years ago. I found out quickly that I loved to play these instruments, so I wasn't just learning out of necessity. Then, while practicing hard on bass and drums, I picked up the guitar one day and started playing and practicing that. So I've been playing guitar for about 5 or 6 years now. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a "one man band". The first and obviously major disadvantage is that I cannot play live since I am the only member of DE, so it is way harder to promote DE, because in my opinion playing live shows and touring is probably the best way to spread your name amongst the metal masses, get your music heard, and sell your CD's and merchandise. Plus the fact also that I would love to be able to play live and possibly even tour makes it that much more shitty! So yes, that is a big hindrance for me, because I must work a lot harder to get my music heard and my band known. Another disadvantage is that doing absolutely everything on my own, from the writing, arranging, performing every instrument on the recordings, and then also paying for, promoting, and releasing everything on my own gets to be way too much for me to handle sometimes, especially lately it seems. I have to juggle all that while trying to pay my bills and live somewhat of a life, and it gets to be overwhelming many times. So some help in those areas, especially the funding and releasing ends would really be of help, I'd rather be on the musical and 100% and not deal with the money and "business" bullshit. But the advantages to being on my own are great as well. I am a visionary, so being that I have 100% creative control on every end of DE, from the music to the lyrics, that is a definite advantage cause I don't have to worry about the regular "band" bullshit and arguments over which riffs to use and which songs make the record etc. I've had too many shitty experiences like that when involved with other bands, so the fact the DE is a total extension and is the total expression of myself and my inner most darkest feelings, it's nice to have that control. Also, this means that no one can tell me to change my sound or style, no-line up changes will hinder me, or no one else can put an end to this vision of mine except for me. I rely on myself and myself alone when it comes to this, no one will take care of and hold DE in its higher interest more than I will.

8.When not rehearsing, What hobbies do you spent time with?

Oh man, it seems like since I started doing DE on a serious level that I have had next to no free time at all! I spend A LOT of time on DE, whether it be writing music, maintaining my website, answering e-mails and letters, and promoting the band. And when I'm not doing that, I am constantly listening to metal, all the time. Metal and DE are the most important things in my life, without them I would cease to exist for sure, so I can't really call listening to and playing metal a hobby, because when you hold something like that so near and dear to your heart and you are so passionate about it, it is a hell of a lot more than just a "hobby". I breathe, eat, sleep, and live metal!! When I did have some free time in the past, I would watch horror movies whenever I could, I'm a horror movie freak, I could watch "The Exorcist" and "The Omen" series back to back and still be craving more!! I like to surf the internet here and there whenever time allows it. I also like to read whenever I can, mainly books and dark and occult subjects, as well as reading and collecting underground metal zines is a great love of mine, I wish I had more time to do that on a regular basis now.

9.Incantation, The Chasm, and Autopsy are your influences as a Band and they do have members, what about in One man band like yours, any Band you want to mention and consider as your influence?

There are no "one-man bands" that have influenced me or my music personally. When I first started DARKNESS ETERNAL, I wasn't really aware of very many "one-man bands", with the exception of bands like JUDAS ISCARIOT. So none that I have heard have had any influence on me, just the bands you mentioned above along with IMMOLATION. To be totally honest, of all the "one-man bands" that I have heard, not very many of them are good at all in my opinion, and for the most part I can't stand to hear a guy playing away to a fake and shitty sounding drum machine! But there are some exceptions, RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE is a perfect example of this. I am a huge fan of RITES, and I have a great amount of respect for Paulus, he is truly a talent and a mastermind when it comes to writing obscure black/death/war metal! And I'm not just saying this because he happens to be from the same city as I am, it wouldn't matter if he was from Europe or Asia, what he does with RITES rules! He did the first RITES demo and the first full length "The Caryatid" all on his own, and they both sound killer, especially "The Caryatid", that record really blew my mind! We spoke with each other about what we do and the satisfaction we get out of it, and we really seem to understand each other well on that front, he gets the same feeling as me when he finally sees all his hard work and playing come to form, just like I do. Another one man band I think is good and I respect is LUST, which coincidentally is also from my home city.

10.Who is your favorite guitarist? and why?

Wow, that's a real tough question! I can't really say I have a single "favorite". I like and respect different guitarist for different reasons. Some I really love are Daniel Corchado and Julio Viterbo from THE CHASM, they are both great and talented guitarist, and one of the best guitar duo's in metal today in my opinion! They both play with such soul and feel, especially in their solos, and totally complement each other!! I really love their style, they are a prime example of overall great guitarists, they write amazing riffs, have great technical ability, and have lots of feel and authenticity to their playing. John McEntee from INCANTATION is killer as well, he is an amazing writer when it comes to dark and demonic riffs. Bob Vigna from IMMOLATION is also one of my favorites, he has one of the most unique and original soloing styles that I have ever heard. I think "Here In After" is a real good record to listen to for how twisted, dark, and sick his solos are. Leland Windham and Eric Friesen of WINDHAM HELL are killer guitarist as well and probably one of the best in metal period, they are classical and sweep freaks, anyone into insane playing in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen should check their playing out! Jon Levasseur from CRYPTOPSY is a god on the guitar, he is probably one of the best guitarists in death metal today, he writes some crushing riffs!! I also like solo guitarists like Jason Becker, Michael Angelo, Shawn Lane, and Ron Thal, who is to this day the best overall guitarist I have ever heard, I've never heard anything like what he does, shredder freaks should check this guy out immediately!!

11.How's the crowd there in Canada when you play? Had you play in other country? Do you have plans in playing here in Asia if given a chance?

Well, when it comes to Canada, I can only personally speak for the area where I live, which is Western Canada, more specifically Edmonton AB, Canada. The scene here is pretty good I guess, it's very small, but the people that are in it are true and 100% dedicated to the metal way, so for that I am proud, we have some sick fucks here for sure! Seems like the scene here in Edmonton is growing quicker and quicker, more people are going to the most recent gigs we had here like the THORAZINE show and the DISCIPLES OF POWER show, so that's good to see. From what I am told, Vancouver BC and Toronto ON have really killer scenes. One thing I do know for sure is that people must go to the shows on a regular basis there, because all of the major touring bands always hit those cities and never come out our way which for the most part really sucks, because we never get any decent tours come through here at all, and when we do it is like once a year, so for that it sucks here. But our local scene has grown real strong, we have great bands from here like AXIS OF ADVANCE, RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE, DISCIPLES OF POWER, OUROBOROS, LUST, and many more. Yes, I had the fortunate opportunity of playing live outside of Canada for the first time in my life when I played session bass for OUROBOROS at the fourth annual Sacrifice Of The Nazarene Child Black Metal Fest in San Antonio TX, USA on Dec. 1st, 2001. I had a fucking amazing time there, it was totally harsh and cult there, playing in front of all those sick freaks was an indescribable feeling, and being able to not only see for the first time some of my favorite bands like THORNSPAWN, but to also open for them was an honor for me! Like I said before, I would love the chance to tour anywhere, especially Asia if I could, whether it be with DARKNESS ETERNAL or another band, I would jump at the chance to do a tour for sure!! So if ever given the chance, yes I would love to play in Asia, I have heard such great things about the scene in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and Asia has some of the grimmest bands I've ever heard!

12.What about future plans? Like seeking a member with a dark gift like yours? Or you will remain a One man Armageddon band? Right now what is the current status of Darkness Eternal?

Well, right now as it stands, my future plans for DE are just to continue to push and promote "Satanchrist" as heavily and as much as I can, despite the toll it takes on me. I am trying to secure as many distro deals as I can, so far there are some great distro's out there that have picked up "Satanchrist" like Goat Warrior Distro, Ire Records, Merciless Records, and more. Also, some label support would be helpful for me for sure, it would allow me to concentrate more time and effort on the music alone instead of absolutely everything, which is how I continue to do it right now, so hopefully in the future I can find the right label to work with, if not I guess will try my best to continue to release the music on my own like I've been doing. As for making this a live unit, yes, it has been on my mind, especially since I released "Satanchrist" and since I tasted what it was like at the SOTNC fest in San Antonio TX. I have gotten so many people ask me when I am going to find members and take DE on a live stage, the only problem is, as usual, my personal life situation is in total shambles and decay right now, I am just now trying to recover from some recent dark and miserable events in my life, so I don't think I will make DE a live band anytime soon, but if things can get better for me, I would definitely like to give it a shot of time allowed it. Of course I would have to find members that shared my "dark gift" as you put it, they would have to be 100% into the sound, style, and meaning of DARKNESS ETERNAL. So for now I DE will remain just me, but like I said, I don't know exactly what the future holds, time will only tell!

13.Does your family understand and support you? What about a day job, do you have one?

Unfortunately, my family neither understands nor do they support anything I do musically at all. They don't and never will understand my beliefs, morals, and who I am as a person and my passion and dedication to metal, and thus they won't support me, which is fine, I understand where they are coming from I guess. We are totally different people when it comes to these kind of things. Well, my whole life I have worked my fucking ass off, particularly the last 4-5 years, where I have worked 60-84 hours a week, and I was trying to fit in DE somewhere in there as well, so that was real rough on me. As of this interview, I have recently recovered from a terrible illness that kept from functioning as a human being period for almost two months, so I have not been working due to that, unfortunately now that I have finally (hopefully anyway) recovered from this bullshit sickness, I will have to start working again to support myself and get out of the debt that the illness and my personal life situation in general have gotten me into. Like I say on the new CD, it seems that I am and forever will be "Cursed To An Eternal Damnation"!!!

14. Ok, I hope that till end you will stay TRUE, last words are yours pal? Thank you George. -fritz

Thank you very much for the interview and support Fritz, I really appreciate it! I wish you the best of luck with Cult Mongers Zine and all of your metal activities in the future! Thank you to everyone that has supported and given praise to the new DE CD "Satanchrist", I really appreciate everyone's support thus far, the CD got a better response than I expected! Anyone that is into totally DARK, depressing, hateful, extreme, and unholy death metal can order a copy of "Satanchrist" directly from me by sending $12 US (World), $15 CAN (Canada), well concealed cash or money order (make payable to George Velaetis) to: George Velaetis, P.O. Box 5002, Spruce Grove AB, Canada, T7X 3A2. Shipping and Handling is included in the prices, and "Dawn Of The Suffering" is also still available for the same prices as above. To get in contact with me, e-mail me at You can also get "Satanchrist" through various distro's in the underground like Goat Warrior, Ire Records, Merciless Records, and more. The DARKNESS ETERNAL website is located at, there you will find all the info you need on DE including news updates, history, links, MP3's and more. Also the direct link to DARKNESS ETERNAL on is located at, there you can have a listen of some tracks of off both "Satanchrist" and "Dawn Of The Suffering". Crush the false messiah, Dark Salvation is upon us!!