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BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS WEBZINE. Spring 2006 (http://www.beowolfproductions.com/MusicReviewsMay06.html)


This is the bands 3rd full length album & first for AUTOPSY KITCHEN. These guys play some really good agonizing & heavy Death Metal music. The music has an old school brutal rawness mixed with some new school technical styles. There are some grooves & breaks in the music which I dug a lot. they have a really cool almost Grindcore sound to their Death Metal music it's just not as fast or noisy as Grindcore. I liked the solid sound the drums had also. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death growl with some slightly harsher ones at times. Fans of old school & new school Death Metal will really enjoy these guys!!!

BRUTALISM WEBZINE, Winter 2005 (http://www.brutalism.com/darknesseternal_r.html)

Darkness Eternal - Misanthropic Annihilation

Finally there is a new album from Darkness Eternal. Almost 4 years ago since the "Satanchrist" release. The man behind Darkness Eternal is George and also the only member. His death metal hymns are inked down in long songs. So expect songs that vary in tempo a lot, melody changes, brutal voices and the endless raging guitars. The songs are well build and changing easy to a faster tempo or some melodic break part. The vocals could been more into the foreground and more powerful. But if you like the old school death metal with technical skills then Darkness Eternal is your band!!

Darkness Eternal
Autopsy Kitchen Records

CHRONICLES OF CHAOS WEBZINE, Winter 2006 (http://www.chroniclesofchaos.com/reviews/albums/2-4078_darkness_eternal_misanthropic_annihilation.aspx)

Darkness Eternal - Misanthropic Annihilation
(Autopsy Kitchen Records, 2005)

by: Todd DePalma (7.5 out of 10)

Of the few one-man acts in death metal, Darkness Eternal stands unparalleled, but not confined to its niche, giving caution to ensembles throughout the genre's sulphur tomb. Maestro George Valaetis' sequel to 2001's _Satanchrist_ weaves fevered patterns of the same: lengthy constructs of clean six-string rhythms crawling on stacks of BC Rich flavored crunch. Each track sweeping away trails to escape in intricate forlorn passages. Gloomy melodies overrun frequent time changes heavily influenced by the schools of Incantation, Immolation and The Chasm, but contain their own internal vision and spirit.

Unfortunately, this attention to craft and detail is struck by a frequent happenstance of underground soloists -- fairly stunted by production, with Valaetis and Bob Moore (Nile) working to give _Misanthropic Annihilation_ a sound, less sanguine perhaps, but near to Sunlight Studios. A warmly padded sound, favorable to the melodic edge of most tracks. Most noticeably, there's a fallout between the drums and guitars, the latter either dangling in hollow space with little back up at all or the former sounding mechanically inserted ("Unholy Trinity"), deadening the momentum carried by the strings. Even though such textures complement tracks rooted in that early Scandinavian vibe (the Hypocrisy tinged "Thy Will Be Done"), its monotonous push could turn off some listeners.

Not radically different from previous material, this album treads the nervous borders of doom with technical strength and incisive melody, as if translating nocturnes through the electric void. A unique combination worth bearing some missteps for.

Contact: http://www.darknesseternal.com

(article submitted 29/1/2006)

DEADTIDE.COM, Spring 2006 (http://www.deadtide.com/reviews/albums/page.php?id=3134)

Darkness Eternal
Misanthropic Annihilation
Autopsy Kitchen Records

Reviewed by Ngolls
Being one of the few one-man metal bands to actually display talent on more than one instrument, Darkness Eternal is the sole work of George Velaetis, who started the band nearly a decade ago. Many of the 9 songs here have an underlying vibe similar to "Formulas Fatal..."-era Morbid Angel, with a healthy dose of New York death metal adding dense gloom. The melodies in "Darkness Conquerors All" are very much in the Incantation vein, as is "Unholy Trinity" with its classic girth lost on many bands today. The closing riff of "Cold...End...Dead" is also the songs' best and "Worship Us" is a crushing choice to end the album with. Much like some of his influences (e.g. The Chasm), Velaetis skirts the boundaries of many genres and simply plays metal, and does it very well.



Well it's a good thing they're not called "Eternal Darkness", as they might get mistaken for a video game. Another good thing is how they garbled the "...until man exists no more" dialogue from "The Omen" to make it somewhat incoherent as I can't even begin to count how many bands have used it. This is a good throwback to some classic stuff, bringing to mind old Mortician and Infester, with hints of the glory days of Florida death metal. Even a slight doom influence creeps in every now and then. Moshy and growly, just like they used to make 'em! Dig the killer art by Jonzig too.Man, I feel like I'm in high school again, playing Suffocation and Massacre cassettes on my Walkman while I should be paying attention in Pre-Algebra. No wonder I got a goddamn F! Hey, I think that hot quiet chick is looking at me! I'm not going to start singing...wait...can't resist the temptation...oh shit..."LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!!!" (FA)


New album (3rd to date) from this one-man band created in 1997, by the sole member George Velaetis from THE CHASM!. Pure old school death metal showing inspirations taken from the likes of INCANTATION (old), MORPHEUS DESCENDS, DECREPIT and THE CHASM, of course. A must for all fans of old school death metal!

LIVE 4 METAL WEBZINE, Spring 2006 (http://www.live4metal.com/reviews-397.htm)

Darkness Eternal – Misanthropic Annihilation (Autopsy Kitchen) By: Scott Alisoglu

Based on that band name and title, could you venture an educated guess as to the style of music performed on the disc? Bluegrass, right? Sorry, that would make you wrong as a fat guy wearing a thong at the beach . If you guessed death metal in the style of Incantation and, to some degree, Immolation you would be absolutely correct. Now go buy yourself a vile of crack and celebrate what is probably the biggest win of your miserable life. On Darkness Eternal’s third full-length album, Canada’s answer to Drawn and Quartered (or Incantation…you get the picture) deliver nine, often lengthy tracks of filth-covered death metal that like its aforementioned contemporaries, is peppered with doom and gloom plod and tortured hymnals. Songs like “Darkness Conquers,” “Upon the Throne of Eternal Blasphemy,” and “Unholy Trinity” may be anchored in sickening mid-tempo churn, but move from bursts of blasting mayhem to waves of despondent riffs. The seven-minute “Suicide Unto Infinite Euphoria (Descending into Forever II)” sticks largely to a misery plod, the morbid sounds emanating from the speakers enough to cause even the eternal optimists among us to question the point of living in this disease-ridden, battle-plagued earth. Vocally, the low, throaty growl of George Velaetis is similar to John McEntee (Incantation) and Herb Burke (Drawn and Quartered), the addition of chilling screams adding ambience and depth to the arrangements. Bits of The Chasm’s metal of death slither in and out of the compositions as well, mainly in some of the guitar tones and chords progressions, but at times vocally as well. Speaking of The Chasm, the graphic art/design and layout will seem vaguely familiar to some, as it was created by none other than Daniel Corchado. And by the way, did I mention that Velaetis plays ALL the instruments? We’re talking guitar, bass, and drums, people, and a damn fine job he does of it. A line from the biographical page of www.darknesseternal.com describes the sound crafted by Velaetis better than I ever could: “He created this unholy piece of work to spit in the face of God, blaspheme against any and all organized religion, and to crush this graveland called earth.” Yep, I’d have to say that is pretty much the attitude conveyed through the obsidian sounds of Misanthropic Annihilation. Convinced yet? www.autopsykitchen.com

MAELSTROM MAGAZINE, Summer 2006 (http://www.maelstrom.nu/ezine/review_iss46_3284.php?sid=2017aa26cccd7426351e63218b59055c&page_rs=2&osCsid=2017aa26cccd7426351e63218b59055c)

DARKNESS ETERNAL - Misanthropic Annihilation - CD - Autopsy Kitchen - 2006

review by: Chaim Drishner

If for the sole reason that Darkness Eternal’s George Velaetis handles all organic (i.e., real musical instrument, electronica-free) instruments by himself, does he deserve a certain praise and definitely even some greater respect than most. This underground veteran has created with Misanthropic Annihilation one of the most menacing, ear-tearing, soul-crushing albums of recent times. This album is so heavy, it actually forces the listener to turn down the volume due to extreme inconvenience it generates with its surgeon's blade-wielding sharp sounds and the bloody, morbid, buzzing chainsaw guitars, distorted all the way to hell and back.

Velaetis offers his vision to heavy metal and by doing so, also a clue as to his own enormous talent as a song-writer and musician. This assembly of nine tracks showcases an assorted assembly of abyss-dark, brutal-yet-melodic death metal hymns that do differ from one another but all share the same core qualities: the magnificent production; the never-neglected sense of melody, be it twisted, hinted, blurred or muffled by the metallic terror of the overall sound; progressiveness and the ever present feel that there are many molds and dogmas within this genre that should be broken and indeed are broken throughout the songs; the motley stylistic approaches, sometimes hyper-speed songs, sometimes the songs drag to an almost funeral pace. All that embodied within this work, makes this particular album a phenomenon by its own merits.

What's more, it has finally succeeded in breaking the boredom barrier most brutal death metal bands suffer from. Even though Velaetis' vocals do sound somewhat generic in the context of this sub-genre (but adequate enough for this specific recording and NOT your usual ridiculous cookie monster blabbering), the music compensates on that fault, big time. Misanthropic Annihilation is the best brutal (yet not generically brutal by any means) metal release for quite some time and surely the best for the year 2006 in that particular section. If Mortician had actually been much, much more progressive and added a sense of melody and genuine darkness (other then the horror flick intros) into their retarded-yet-extremely-sharp sound, you'd have had a slight, inadequate, remote idea of what this behemoth of an album sounds like. Good work. (8.5/10)

METALCORE WEBZINE, Winter 2005 (http://www.metalcorefanzine.com/reviews23.html)

DARKNESS ETERNAL/Misanthropic Annihilation (Autopsy Kitchen Records) This is 3rd release from George and what a release it is. More crushing old school doom/death metal that only George can do. Raw, flesh tearing riffs with only the deep, but not gutteral, death metal vocals the only way they should sound. Think Immolation, Incantation, etc. The production is rather raw, but that only adds not subtracts. This is pure death metal. Info: www.darknesseternal.com

METAL NIGHTMARE WEBZINE, Winter 2005 (http://www.metalnightmare.com/issue_nineteen/reviewsnineteen.html)


Canadian madman George Velaetis is back with a new onslaught of music from his one man project, DARKNESS ETERNAL. For the uninitiated, DE sounds like what you might get if you mixed INCANTATION with THE CHASM. Yeah... I thought that might get your attention. George is still using two different guitars to record the rhythm and lead tracks, and it's a great idea that works extremely well. Each song also has its own identity, and that alone sets DARKNESS ETERNAL above a whole lot of the competition in death metal. If I was impressed with "Satanchrist," then I am positively blown away by "Misanthropic Annihilation."

Tom Wren

METAL OBSERVER WEBZINE, Summer 2006 (http://www.metal-observer.com/articles.php?lid=1&sid=1&id=10245)

Darkness Eternal - Misanthropic Annihilation (8/10) - Canada – 2005

DARKNESS ETERNAL is a one-man project from Canada and although the act had been around for such a while, “Misanthropic Annihilation” is the first contact I have with this wicked offering. Imagine incredibly disturbing Death Metal, a neurotic and blackened atmosphere, long, all-fulfilling songs and a low demonic grunt that makes me remember INCANTATION and you’ll have an idea. The cover art of the album shows a scary spider-like devil, staring at you with dreadful red eyes and that’s the sensation you’ll feel while listening to this. You will feel insecure, threatened by the nervous guitars, creeping bass sound and schizophrenic undefined rhythm. This is not a fast album at all and the obscurity it encloses is so deep that will have you soon sitting in a corner of your room, in fetal position with hands on your head, screaming for shelter. Somehow, “Misanthropic Annihilation” makes me remember the debut album of HYPOCRISY, which I truly admire and worship and for me that was a very positive point. Just like happens with “Penetralia”, this release is filthy as hell and makes you smell evil and suffering. Absolutely recommended for those who praise the most obscurantist branch of Death Metal. (Online June 10, 2006) Daniel.

METALREVIEWS.COM, Spring 2007 (http://www.metalreviews.com/reviews/detail.php3?id=3745)

DARKNESS ETERNAL - Misanthropic Annihilation
Autopsy Kitchen Records

Death Metal
9 songs (56'41)
Release year: 2005
Darkness Eternal, Autopsy Kitchen Records

Darkness Eternal is a one-man band solely consisting of George Velaetis who does, well, everything in the band including playing drums (no drum machine here). Velaetis has spent time, on and off, as a session member for the Death Metal band The Chasm (who are an excellent band by the way) but this, Darkness Eternal, is entirely his own creation. Misanthropic Annihilation is actually the third release but the first I’ve been exposed to so I cannot comment on earlier work. Naturally, I can comment on this release though, and I think I can sum it up in one word: brilliant!

So what makes this CD stand out amongst the throngs of Extreme Metal CD's being released? It’s a number of things and cannot be pin-pointed to one specific aspect of the music. One could call this Death Metal but after only a few songs it is clear to me there is a heavy dose of Doom Metal and Black Metal mixed in for good measure. So let’s talk about the Death Metal influences first. The style of riffing mainly stays in the Immolation camp and does not venture far from the off-beat, hypnotic, and atmosphere inducing riffs that Immolation helped make famous. Given that the music takes on a progressive, atmosphere heavy mood and context, this works out really well. In between the Death Metal riffs there are slowed down, plodding moments of Doom. It is true that the aforementioned style of Death Metal riffing lends itself well, and seamlessly I might add, to Doom Metal (just look at Incantation). What I liked most about the Doom Metal or just simply the slow sections is they are there to further enhance the mood and atmosphere of the music. Never once did I just want the Death Metal to return, because everything, musically, played a part in the song structure. Lastly, Black Metal plays a part as tremolo styled riffs can be heard either as a lead-in to more traditional Death Metal riffing or a theme that certain songs can be built around; the best example is the track, Darkness Conquers All.

The song structures are masterfully crafted as each tempo change and riff change builds on an ever imposing dark and haunting atmosphere that remains consistent, but the brilliant part is how completely different tempos and riff styles maintain that atmosphere. Darkness Eternal might be a gimmicky name to some but it sums up the feel of the music perfectly. I also have to mention some excellent vocal work. It might be expected that the vocals may be an after-thought with the music taking precedence; but this is not the case. There are not many moments where there is not some vocal work being done. The vocal style of Velaetis comes across as an intelligently done traditional Death Metal delivery with some easily understood vocal lines. I’m actually reminded a little bit of the more understandable moments of Nile’s music from a vocal perspective. Taking a cue from Glen Benton there are many instances of two vocal tracks, the second being more of a high pitched version of the typically deep vocals. The use of the two vocal tracks to accentuate adds lot of dynamics to the music and insures the vocals remain interesting and not one-dimensional. After all, if the vocals were mono-tone it would disrupt the ever-changing music; instead we are treated to a vocal performance that is in-line with some of the better performances from Benton and Corpsegrinder (when he was in Monstrosity). The production also lends itself very well to the music. Everything is mixed well and it feels like a really well-produced early 90’s Death Metal release. There is enough of a raw factor to enhance the atmosphere without making the CD sound like it was recorded through a boot or tin can. What’s also great is that the drums sound real and the technical break-downs and blasts are loud enough to appreciate but not overpower the guitars or vocals.

Considering Darkness Eternal is one person writing and performing this music makes the overall result all the more impressive. Sure, the drumming is occasionally sloppy but there’s a lot of you, including me, who feel slightly sloppy playing is a good thing on occasion. If I wanted supreme and flawless musicianship I’d go listen to Spastic Ink or Spiral Architect. As it stands the Doom Metal leads, tremolo riffing, and various Death Metal styles all blend together to create a mesmerizing and unique listening experience. This CD is not for everyone, and I must stress this. If you want the type of Death Metal that bludgeons you over the head with every passing second go listen to the new Deicide or any Blood Red Throne release. If you’re the type of listener who occasionally, or perhaps always, wants something that is just a little different than the norm I can highly recommend this CD to you. This release came highly recommended to me by seasoned and some times hard-headed Death Metal listeners (which I can be as well) and I have to say by the second listen I was hooked. Admittedly I was not convinced after just one-listen but as I gave the CD time to sink in I was impressed by the subtle complexity and overall feel the music gave off. I made one half of an analogy a few reviews ago whereby I stated the latest release from Chrome Division is the type of music you put on as back ground music and is not something that you put on your head phones for to pick out every detail and fully expose yourself too. Well, Misanthropic Annihilation, as you probably guessed, is the latter. As background music it might sound plodding, with not enough “head banging” moments, but as you give the music its full attention I feel most listeners will appreciate the atmosphere the music evokes. I thus highly recommend this CD and I hope that if you give it a try you enjoy it as much as I and others have… however, as was already stated: this is not for everyone.

Killing Songs : Cold...End...Dead, Darkness Conquers All, Unholy Trinity, Thy Will Be Done Crims 88 / 100

METAL STORM WEBZINE, Winter 2005 (http://www.metalstorm.ee/bands/album.php?album_id=6385&band_id=&bandname=Darkness+Eternal)

Darkness Eternal - Misanthropic Annihilation

Line-Up: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Photography, Logo Design and Arrangements: George Velaetis

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Autopsy Kitchen Records
Length: 56:39
Year Of Release: 2005

Reviewed by Herzebeth

This is really a great Death Metal release, the album “Misanthropic Annihilation” will kick you in the ears hardly and will leave you almost unconscious. The music is filled with powerful guitar riffs, catchy drum beats, incredible vocal work, crushing bass-lines and awesome structures; everything performed by only one character, a musical master called George Velaetis.

This is actually the first time I ever hear that name, shame on me actually, this individual is really talented, he manages to create great backgrounds and implausible music by himself. Ok, I already know this is not new or original at all, there are many “one man” bands out there, but most bands have awful sound, raw execution and the music in the end sounds empty in many ways; George Velaetis fills the tunes extraordinarily and then every breakdown, every riff and every tone sounds crushing and outstanding.

This album was way more than I expected, the music is actually remarkable in almost every way possible, most tracks are really mind-blowing, you’ll be head-banging hardly with one riff and then you’ll have to stop due to the awesome breakdown in the track, the structures have incredible balance and splendid scales. For example, the fifth tune “Suicide Unto Infinite Euphoria (Descending Into Forever II)” (the best track in this album by the way) starts with a mellow riff, then after a couple of minutes (2:12 to be precise) a breathtaking bridge enters creating a whole new atmosphere towards the track, the song changes a lot giving us from melodious riffs to blast-beats, the structure in this song is amazing, you’ll love this track from the beginning to the end for sure.

The production is also amazing, the sound is really loud and clear, and even those backgrounds sound truly clean. So this album is a shot in the head in every way, the music will drill your brain deeply and then you’ll even try to stand up just to head-bang along the outstanding riffing and drumming. This is one of those albums every Metal fanatic will love, it does not matter if you are not into Death Metal or whatever, this CD was created for everyone to like. So I highly recommend “Misanthropic Annihilation”, you can’t lose with an album like this one, so fucking go now and buy it.

Best Tracks: "Misanthropic Annihilation", "Suicide Unto Infinite Euphoria (Descending Into Forever II)", "Thy Will Be Done"

METAL VOX WEBZINE, Spring 2006 (http://www.metalvox.com.br/reviewsalbumd2.asp)

Avaliation: 8.5/10

Darkness Eternal is a one-man Death Metal band, which was created in Alberta, US in the Gregorian year of 1997. George Velaetis is the responsible for executing all the instruments and creating such a technical Death Metal in the veins of godfathers Immolation and Incantation. Misanthropic Annihilation is the third full-length album. Previous albums were titled Dawn of Suffering (2000) and Satanchrist (2001). Darkness Eternal lyrical themes are always about hatred, darkness, death and antichristian. The songs, as I previously mentioned, are technical, fast and very well composed. Suggest to all appreciators of American Death Metal! www.darknesseternal.com

METALWHORE WEBZINE, Spring 2006 (http://metalwhore.com/main/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=36&Itemid=52)

DARKNESS ETERNAL - Misanthropic Annihilation
Autopsy Kitchen Records - 2005

Track Listing:

01. Misanthropic Annihilation
02. Cold...End...Dead
03. Darkness Conquers All
04. For All The False Promises
05. Suicide Unto Infinite Euphoria
06. Unholy Trinity
07. Upon The Throne Of Eternal Blasphemy
08. The Will Be Done
09. Worship Us

'Pure American Death Metal'! This one man unit of hellish demonic metal releases his 3rd full length under the Autopsy Kitchen Records Label.... a wise choice eigh..... so anyway.... to the point.. . . this is fiendish, wicked death metal in the vein of stuff, oh.... say such bands as possibly Incantation, Immolation, Satyricon (just something about the riffings here and there remind me of Satyricon some weird doomy type open notes ringing out all hypnotic like at times).... I don't think that will accurately describe the sound, but, it will give a general idea. Plus, attached to this review there will be some tracks to listen to I'm sure.... your probably listening to one of them now while you read .... or at least ya should be so you can see just how 'un-accurate' my review probably is... haha.... proper wordage is hard to come by sometimes.

Since this is my first time to hear Darkness Eternal I can't say much about the other releases... but this one here having been recorded at the world famous Sound Lab Studios (Nile, Darkmoon...etc) I'm sure it has the best sound, how could it not. So, you will not be disappointed in the sound department.... everything is mixed well, strong production... etc...etc... the music deserved to be represented in the most professional manner possible.... this is probably a classic already in the making. It digs into your musical brain and attaches itself like a friggin tumor or something. Kinda doom laced at times, melodic guitar lines, excellent distorted tone, cool acoustic parts too, the drums came out sounding fucking great..... basslines blended nicely into the mix.... what can I say.... this is a perfect death metal masterpiece. I'd highly advise that any and every metalhead on the planet give it a listen... your bound to enjoy some of, or all of it. The man behind all of this is some cat named George Velaetis. I've never heard of him but I'm sure his name will only become more scarred into the history of death metal with the years to come. You can get the album of course from Autopsy Kitchen Records or contact George directly darknesseternal666(at)hotmail(dot)com

Rabishu Rating: 10/10

MUSIC EXTREME WEBZINE, Spring 2006 (http://www.musicextreme.com/cd0511b.htm#DARKNESS_ETERNAL_-_MISANTHROPIC_ANNIHILATION_)

Label: Autopsy Kitchen Records
Country: Canada
Line Up: George Velaetis - all instruments, vocals
Music by George Velaetis
Lyrics by George Velaetis

Tracks: 1-Misanthropic Annihilation, 2-Cold... End...Dead, 3-Darknes Conquers All, 4-For All the False Promises, 5-Suicide UNto Infinite Euphoria, 6-Unholy Trinity, 7-Upon the Throne of Eternal Blasphemy, 8-Thy Will Be Done, 9-Worship Us

We have reviewed previously two Darkness Eternal releases and on each of them this band has become more aggressive and brutal. And this newer one is no exception. This is ultra brutal death metal with fast guitar riffs and extremely bestial guttural vocals. The guitars deliver fast riffs with good technical skills that create the right feeling for the total aggression that George Velaetis unleashed here. There are also some slower mid paced riffs that change the mood of the compositions but never making them less brutal. Intros like the one in "Unholy Trinity" are really welcome to add a darker feeling to the music. There are good changes and interesting arrangements that set Darkness Eternal apart from bands of this brutal style. A band that always show progression but always keeping in mind that they are an extremely aggressive and brutal outfit.

Cover Artwork by: Daniel Corchado
Recorded and Engineered by Bob Moore
Produced by George Velaetis
Contact: www.darknesseternal.com

NIHILITY WEBZINE, Summer 2006 (http://orphy.ionichost.com/?p=24)

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Autopsy Kitchen
Release Date: September 2005
Rating: 90%

Hailing from my current residence of Edmonton, Canada, comes one man band Darkness Eternal. This band is the vision of George Velaetis, with everything written and performed solely by himself. The goal of Darkness Eternal is to create well written black/death metal, and with Misanthropic Annihilation, that goal is certainly achieved.

The album starts off with a sample from the classic “The Omen” (and some may note that Deeds of Flesh used this sample on their 2003 release, Reduced to Ashes). The sample is followed by an awesome mid-tempo riff, and then explodes. Immediately, George’s riff writing really shines through, and shows that he definitely can write some catchy yet demonic sounding riffs.

The album continues on, balancing mid paced areas with blasting death metal parts. George takes advantage of using dual guitar parts, as one guitar plays a rhythmic riff while the other plays an evil harmony over it. This makes the songwriting all the more intricate, as there is much play on this duel guitar idea. Not to mention, the drumming and basslines go along perfectly with the riffs, and everything comes together in superb form.

Darkness Eternal seems to have much influence from bands such as Angelcorpse, Immolation and Incantation, with it’s odd riffings, and balance between blasting and droning. Fans of the aforementioned bands will instantly fall in love with this well crafted death metal offering. If Darkness Eternal keeps releasing material like this, the band will definitely be getting more recognition, as they rightfully should.

NOCTURNAL HALL WEBZINE, Winter 2005 (http://www.nocturnalhall.com/reviews/D/darknesseternal_annihilation_e.htm)

Label: Autopsy Kitchen Records
Release: September 13, 2005
By: Empress
Rating: 9/10
Time: 56:39
Style: Death/Black/Doom Metal
URL: Darkness Eternal

Cementing itself in the metal underground, DARKNESS ETERNAL, has yet again hit us in the face with the sledgehammer of doom. Starting out in 1997, this band has skyrocketed itself to being titled one of the best self-released projects in the metal underground. After many struggles and hard-times, founding member, George Valaetis, decided it was time to take the band one step further than it has ever been before. Not only musically but also taking it to a completely different country. Hailing from Canada, George decided to move his project to the USA in order to complete its unholy trinity. Not only was the music flowing through George's dark soul after moving to the US, but something amazing was happening. After being alerted of this musical phenomenon, Autopsy Kitchen Records knocked on DARKNESS ETERNAL's door at exactly the right moment; having 9 tracks completed and ready for recording, Autopsy Kitchen quickly signed up the band to their ranks and released the latest and greatest album so far: Misanthropic Annihilation.

Demonically darker, this album is not only the best work DARKNESS ETERNAL has released, but also, the sound is by far better than the 2 previous albums. Musically matured: more direct guitars, phenomenal drum-work and a more brutal assault on the mind than ever before. This album is amazing! Track 4 For All The False Promises - how many times have we heard that the Lord died for us? Way to many times, and this track is an opus to darkness, declaring "Lord you promised us eternal life...LIES!!!". And what a statement to be said! With music dark enough and evil enough to back such an anti-Christian sentiment, this track is most definitely going to stick out in your mind. With headbang worthy riffs and tremendously brutal musicianship and blasphemic lyrics, this entire album is a must have for any fan of dark, demonic metal. Track 6 Unholy Trinity this seems to be a theme with this project. With this being the 3rd release, and most assuredly unholy music, this track is not only blasphemic in its own rights, but it is very much one of the best songs on the album, brutal and devastating. This whole album is an atrocious attack on everything sacred and clean and one of my favorite albums for the moment. Keeping in line with the DARKNESS ETERNAL sound, the songs are accented by slower, cleaner, and more beautifully arranged guitar works, later to blast right back into pure desolation. I hope the next album is as awesome as this one.

OLD TEMPLE WEBZINE, Spring 2007 (http://www.magazine.oldtemple.com/darknesseternal_misanthropicannihilation_vc.html)

So the third album in George's band discography is "Misanthropic Annihilation" which begins with a classic intro from the movie "Omen" and as far as I remember also Deeds Of Flesh did use this sample in one of theirs albums. After a short intro we can hear middle tempo riff which is kind of prelude to this misanthropic annihilation feeling after which begins a furious explosion that tears apart with its power of sound! On this album the quintessence is the way of composing the guitar riffs which are from one side catchy but from the second side they are not loosing anything from its dark and demonic nature. On the whole album middle tempos are dominating and mixed with of blasting death metal. These are played on dual guitar tracks: one is typical rhythm and the second one plays over it melodies and harmonies. The last fact of this composing music success is that also parts of bass guitar and drums are ideally fit into the high structures of guitars. And I can say here as well that here is loads of Incantation's death metal style but this is absolutely not a copy!!! Darkness Eternal has its own style built on demonic feeling in compositions and balanced slow misanthropic riffs among the blasts. I hope that further recordings will be so high quality too and that this band will be finally seen and appreciated by the hordes of maniacs.




Darkness Eternal (Can): "Misanthropic Annihilation" CD. Gruesome Death metal with a strong melancholic touch performed with dedication and in a unique style. Fans of Immolation, Incantation and The Chasm should not miss this masterpiece. Words do not do this excellent release of utter darkness any good, you will really have to listen to it and feel life slip away. Mandatory buy!


D.E. is probably the heaviest band on the autopsy kitchen roster. 100 percent brutal, semi technical death metal performed by one visionary {musician} drums go back and forth from break neck speed and then slow down to almost pounding doomish style guitars are well played with some extremely interesting solo's and chords. I would recommend this to anyone into death metal especially fans of {early} death,{old} Incantation, Grave, Immolation, etc....

PROFOUND LORE, Spring 2006

DARKNESS ETERNAL – Misanthropic Annihilation Brutal, deathly, atmospheric and doomy epic death metal from Canada! Alberta’s Darkness Eternal have been forging their brand of Incantation-esque death metal (with hints of a more technical Disembowelment) for quite a while now, and have reached their phoenix with this monolithic piece of entrancing deathcult worship!

SMOTHER MAGAZINE, Spring 2006 (http://www.smother.net/reviews/metal.php3?ID=641)

Darkness Eternal — Misanthropic Annihilation

Twisted death metal that unleashes gravity-defying guitar filth, “Misanthropic Annihilation” has deep dark vocals with gruff growls. Armed with fast drums that aren’t overkill and don’t sound like a bunch of triggers, and a virtual wall of distorted guitars, Darkness Eternal is another death metal band to reckon with. Sick!

- J-Sin

SOD MAGAZINE, Spring 2006

From SOD #23:

Misanthropic Annihilation
Autopsy Kitchen Records
8 Skulls

Playing a style of Death Metal rich with the flavors of depression and doom, Darkness Eternal is the sole devotion of mastermind George Valaetis. Misanthropic Annihilation stays true to Occult Doom through its playing time - this isn't so much fast as it is heavy: not so much brutal as it is intense: not so much filled with raw fury as it is saturated with seething bitterness. Although firmly established in Death Metal, facets of Black and Doom Metal are mined at will. The former genre brings into the mix the dissonant flair of raw guitars played with that tinny flair. The latter genre sets the pace, as each composition plods along like a funeral during a heavy thunderstorm at dusk. Vocals are growled through the back of the throat, giving them a robust cadence. There seems to be too much distance between the percussion and the guitars, giving the sound a certain coldness that may not be intentional. Still, it worked for me. Lyrically, most songs spit upon Christ. For example, "Cold . . . End . . . Dead" points out the vacuum that is death ("Where is the promised land?"), "For all the False Promises" points out the folly of dying for sin, and "Unholy Trinity" celebrates the end of days. Rather straightforward stuff and less than inspiring. Despite the hackneyed style exemplified in the lyrics, Misanthropic Annihilation works well from the musical end, which means that it's worth more than just a background listen. Valaetis needs to hook up with some other dudes and create something that I am sure would blow us all away. (OR)

THE AQUARIAN MAGAZINE, Spring 2006 (http://www.theaquarian.com)

What's most unfortunate about this album is that "Eternal" is in the band's name, because it makes it utterly impossible to listen without thinking of Hate Eternal by whom Darkness Eternal has been considerably influenced. A one-man band there's also schooling by the likes of Immolation, but if this unrelenting onslaught were better produced, it would be a dead ringer. Still, for US-style death metal purists who go for this sort of thing with little thought on band distinction, it's more or less a sure bet, and all the more impressive for the lack of personnel involved. JJ Koczan


DARKNESS ETERNAL - "Misanthropic Annihilation" - CD - unholy Canadian warlords Darkness Eternal 3rd full length album ! This new album proves that ancient death metal truly lives on. Devotees of classic Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy, Grave and The Chasm can't lose this ! Masterpiece.

UNBOUND ZINE, Winter 2006 (http://www.unboundzine.com/nr72.html)

Darkness Eternal-Misanthropic Annihilation
(Autopsy Kitchen Records, 2005)

4/5 Skulls

I always thought this one man band showed a lot of potential and over the years Darkness Eternal has evolved into quite an original style of doomy death metal. Incantation has always been a main influenced, but with this album the influence is left outright. I don’t know if I’d say it is a bit straighter forward, but this is probably the more memorable the band has been on record yet. This is also the tightest the band has ever sounded as well. The songs are definitely longer then your average death metal bands with a few being over 8 minutes and most being close to 6. The song lengths however go by quickly as the songs are quite varied and never stay on the same passage for any great lengths. Fans of Incantation and all dark death metal will be into this Canadian band.

UNCHAIN THE UNDERGROUND WEBZINE, Spring 2006 (http://www.unchain.com/current/music_reviews40a.html#6)

Darkness Eternal - Misanthropic Annihilation (Autopsy Kitchen, 2005)

Rating: 8.5/10

I have long lauded the skills of DARKNESS ETERNAL mastermind (and sole member), George Velaetis, and shall continue to do so as long as he keeps releasing material of this caliber. On Misanthropic Annihilation, the man turns in more solid performances on each and every instrument than many bands comprising of a full lineup. We all know that scenario... a guy that can play guitar fairly well decides he doesn't need anyone else and can bash the drums good enough that he figures no one will notice or, even worse, gets a $100 drum machine used at some local music shop and programs it to play faster than any human being could ever hope to play. Such is not the case with DARKNESS ETERNAL. Quite the opposite, actually. Not since the sadly-overlooked BLOODSHED DIVINE has a one-man band turned out material this consistently good and solid. Velaetis has a gift for writing creepy, dark death metal in the vein of INCANTATION, though more polished and not quite as chaotic, with a little of VOIVOD's quirkiness thrown in for good measure. The project is not a showcase for his virtuosity on any instrument. Rather, Velaetis concentrates on writing good material, and the result is an album that delivers with each listen and has yet to grow tiresome. Velaetis and DARKNESS ETERNAL are a powerful force in death metal, and proof that there is still quality material still coming out of the underground. - Al Kikuras

VAMPIRE MAGAZINE, Summer 2006 (http://www.vampire-magazine.com/article.php?aid=42059)

A complete surprise - 97%

Written by Noktorn on July 15th, 2006

This album is amazing.

In the process of reviewing metal albums, I attempt to hyperbolize as little as possible. However, occasionally an absolutely monumental album will emerge from the underground and shock even the most jaded among us. I am overwhelmingly pleased to say that Darkness Eternal's 'Misanthropic Annihilation' is such an album, and one that should be revered alongside such legendary death metal releases as 'Covenant', 'Effigy Of The Forgotten', and 'Left Hand Path'.

But what is Darkness Eternal, precisely? Well, it is in fact a single man, George Velatetis of The Chasm playing all instruments. The music is majestic, sweeping death metal, with a developed sense of romantic melody and subtle black metal influences. This is a distinctly riff-based album; vocals and (somewhat clumsily played) drums always take a back seat to melody (probably the most definite black metal element on this LP), but 'Misanthropic Annihilation' is refreshingly devoid of any 'old school' sentiment. While this release is in no way modern, there's still no Obituary or Autopsy to be found here.

Imagine for a moment a near-flawless combination of Incantation, Deicide, and Immolation coalescing into a single band and then deliberately incorporating influences from Immortal's 'Pure Holocaust' and Burzum's 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss'. The result is massive, melodic, epic death metal, with intriguing neoclassical touches. The songs are long, sprawling and elegant, and genuinely patient in their development. Tracks start and finish in luxurious, grandiose fashion, and run for 5-9 minutes, giving the narrative plenty of room to breathe and grow.

The melodies created are vast and apocalyptic (aided in no small part by the roomy, atmospheric production), as well as surprisingly emotional, an unusual but not unwelcome addition given the genre. The tempo is overall rather slow, with sections of deliberate blasting. Portions of atmospheric riffing are used vividly, such as the outro to 'Cold...End...Dead', with an Egyptian-inspired melody that Nile could only dream to match in beauty in power.

The tracks are all fairly similar to each other, but not to the album's detriment; this feature is used in a way similar to that of Bolt Thrower, where similarity is used to strengthen a core atmosphere. Despite this, certain tracks truly stick out in my mind: first and foremost being the stunning 'Darkness Conquers All', the melodies and development of which are some of the best death metal has ever seen. Also of note: the immensely dark 'Suicide Unto Infinite Euphoria', and the cascading finality of closer 'Worship Us'.

I have no qualms with saying Darkness Eternal have created a masterwork with 'Misanthropic Annihilation'. This album should join the pantheon of great metal albums throughout history. While one might doubt that such an unknown project could produce such brilliance, I assure you: they can, and with 'Misanthropic Annihilation', they have.

(Originally written for http://www.vampire-magazine.com)


Darkness Eternal – Misanthropic Annihilation CD – Most recent release from this death metal institution. One of the best releases of 2005. You fucking need this. On Autopsy Kitchen.


DARKNESS ETERNAL-"MISANTHROPIC ANNIHILATION" CD - This is fucking crazy. A one man band with this much talent. Must be all this fine gent does is jam because one would assume that this is a full band. Nuts I tell you! Ass kicking Incantation styled fucking death metal with some slow parts, but still good. Amazing artwork, professional packaging. Pick up a copy, you won't be disappointed whatsoever!! Satan approves!