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ALBERTA'S NECRO-CULT: Issue #4, Fall 2000

One-man bands never cease to amaze me. I mean there is so much involved here and apparently George (the bands sole member) does it all. Fusing an interesting hybrid, Darkness Eternal successfully merges blasting Death Metal with Doom ridden passages to make for an anger infested, morose highlighted release. Dark foreboding atmospheres abound within the confines of this twisted release. From raging Death Metal, to sludgy passages, to melodic flanger induced refrains "Dawn Of The Suffering" proves to be a unique listen. While at times this release does bear a pronounced Morbid Angel feel to it (both distorted and clean mystical channels) it would not be just to site Darkness Eternal as being upon the same grounds. Not to say that there's any less involvement or talent, simply that the atmospheres contrived here are distinctly different to those assembled by Trey and co. Utilizing the refrains as actual components to the songs (rather than just slapping on an intro and calling it variation) really seems to strengthened this release vastly. Also the speed variations are well implemented, keeping the songs of interest throughout their entirety. If I could site one downfall, it might be the production value could always serve to be stronger, no big problem- just turn it up! Personally I am very pleased to see such acts coming out of the local scene (D.E. being from Edmonton). If this continues then who knows, we may actually develop a decent scene here in the west. Certainly a band I will have continued interest in as this is a very promising debut release with numerous memorable moments.

Reviewed by: Tanner


DARKNESS ETERNAL - "Dawn of the Suffering" CD (Dark Salvation Productions)

Darkness Eternal was created in 1997 by founding and sole member George Velaetis. Without any support to release and promote this CD, George decided to create Dark Salvation Prod. You can found more information about this band in a interview that I do with George.

First point, all vocals, guitars, bass, arrangments, drums, lyrics, production, management, logo design and artwork are done by George. Ok, the artwork sucks, but who cares? We are talking about total dedication here, time and money to create this music, it's the true underground. Darkness Eternal plays a well structured dark death metal, slow, but really heavy and brutal, it's a suffocating, despairing feeling. Great album, great revelation. Total support to Darkness Eternal !!!!

Lyrics are based in life experiences and utter hatred for life, earth, Christianity and all organized religions in general. Darkness Eternal appeared on the Canadian Zine's "Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles" compilation CD, Knuckletracks XXIV (Sept. 2000).

Contamination Level 8/10


The bio states: ""D.O.T.S" contains 10 tracks of non-stop dark atmostphere and unrelenting hatred and depression, played with total heart and soul", and I think I have to agree with this statement. This is totally out of fashion music, George (the only member of the band) handles all the instruments pretty well and succeeds in offering us a faultless record of brutal death and doom mixed with thrash and atmospheric parts, and the whole result sounds totally 80's-like. It features the typical brutal death elements of the early US scene, a lot of very slow parts that simply kill me every time I listen to them, the vocals are most of the time brutal but sometimes they turn to screams, the guitar sound is a bit "light", but the whole sound is very brutal and heavy, there also are some parts with the acoustic guitar and the most important thing, at least for me, is this special feeling that this album possesses, a feeling that refers to the previous decade when everything was played with heart. Each song here is very good and really interesting, but my favorite ones are "Mass Suicide", "Shadow Of The Scorned", and "Unrepenting Malice". As I said, George seems to be a quite good musician, but I think the result would have been better if he had co-operated with some other musicians. But the greatest advantage of his is that he believes in what he does. There's a piece of his heart in this recording, that's the reason this album sounds so true and full of emotions. The CD comes with a professional package and a great booklet with a full-colored cover/back cover, lyrics, photos, etc. This album fucking blew me away, so all freaks who worship 80's raw death/thrash/doom get in touch with him!! 9/10


Diabolical death/doom sickness from my native province of Alberta! Crushing, heavy, & memorable. In spots it reminds me of a doomier Incantation & some of the mind-bending drum breaks like on Autopsy's "Mental Funeral". 8/10. - Dale Roy

DEADTIDE.COM, Spring 2002(http://www.deadtide.com/reviews/albums/page.php?id=1584)

Darkness Eternal is the vision of George Velaetis, who writes and performs all the music on this disc, and his vision is one of bleak, distant death metal, the likes of which haven't been seen since Pillard took 3/4's of Incantation with him on his way out the door. Unrelentingly heavy and oppressive, Darkness Eternal has managed to not just recreate, but revive the long lost sound of atmospheric American death metal. There's not one note on this disc that speaks to anything but morbid despair and though the songs may occasionally blast up in an attempt to shake out of depressive mire, they're inevitable sucked back down, carrying you with them. Just listen to the doom soaked riffing of The Final Conquest, the clean guitar breakdown in Mass Suicide that works so well or the bell-like guitars that toll out in the opening of The Burning Waters of Acheron and you'll be hard pressed to deny that the guy knows a thing or two about the arcane arts of creating sickly, withered death metal. If you can find it, try to ignore the artwork and just get it. MUXLOW


The Final Conquest, Mass Suicide, Shadow of the Scorned


Darkness Eternal - Dawn of the Suffering
2000, Self-Released (Dark Salvation Productions)

One of the best things about being open to the underground and the thousands of obscure artists and musicians toiling within, intent on bringing their own visions to life, is the chance that you will come across something like this: an original album, filled with talent, without compromises, existing out there in the darkness waiting for people to discover it. There was a time when almost all of the demo tapes you would get from underground bands were something worth listening to - I'm going back to the late '80s in my mind here, but that glorious hour in metal history has passed, and these days it is so inexpensive and easy to press or manufacture your band's own products that the scene is absolutely drowning under a flood of mediocre albums, demos, tapes, and self-produced CDs. As a magazine writer I am just one of the people out there who have one finger (guess which one) stuffed into the dike, trying to hold back the deluge. Occasionally, though, something slips through...

The first thing that you'll notice about this album is the really good production (surprisingly effective and suitable for this band), courtesy of someone called Stew Kirkwood. It captures all of the instruments (including that ever-elusive bass guitar) adequately, and there are many 'pro' releases out there that have worse productions, so this band can not be faulted there. Nor can the band be faulted when it comes to the most important part: the music. Founding and sole member George Velaetis has written some absolutely stunning material here, excellent in all important aspects, and I was quite surprised the first time I listened to this. I am not exactly sure if this album is a demo, a promotional tool, a full release (thumbing its nose at established labels), or something in between all of these - but this band is much better than at least 70% of the death metal underground, and this album should have been put out by one of the larger death metal houses: Repulse, for example, should have jumped on this.

Taking some initial cues from Incantation (but going way beyond that), George weaves together ten tracks (fifty minutes) of abyssic, purely dark, bitter, misanthropic, and crushingly heavy death metal here. The guitar work is very skilled - I especially like the reverb/chorus lines placed over the heavier rhythm tracks, that is an interesting idea. Also present are many echoing, cavernous clean guitar sections leading into the heavier riffing: these are simple but very well-designed and expertly placed. Velaetis plays with a great deal of style, panache, and substance, creating new worlds and blasted musical landscapes all on his own. Almost all of the rhythm guitar work here is original, powerful, and very moving - absolutely suffocating in its infernal atmosphere. The melodies are expressive, eloquent, and genuinely full of dark feeling; the arrangements are interesting and original, never really sticking to the 'standard' structures of common death metal songs (this characteristic is also a privilege of the truly underground bands) - and in case you were wondering: yes, death metal is old enough now to have its conservative proponents, cheers to those who transcend the barriers to creativity; the drumming is solid; the bass playing shines through on some of the breaks or in adding depth to the guitar lines; and the roaring, echoing vocals are very persuasive - I admire the layering in place with them and their deep, monstrous power.

As to the lyrics: to quote Fenriz, this album is 'a fist in the face of God.' Enough said. This band mixes together many different styles on this album: for the most part we have a crushing, bottom-heavy death aesthetic, but on some songs there are elements of black metal (esp. in the third, 'Mass Suicide') and suicidal doom, in the open, expansive slow sections of these songs (my favorite part). There really is no use trying to list 'highlights' of this album: the entire thing is very good and worth listening to - it is also complex enough to reward multiple stabs at exploring its intricacies. Most important of all: this band has their own style, which is always a rarity in the death metal scene. You owe it to yourself to check this out. Buy it already and support this man and his music.

U. Amtey
20 September 2000


DARKNESS ETERNAL Dawn of the Suffering
self-released (2000)

Dawn of the Suffering is a godly album in many respects, but like most records, it has its faults. However, for a debut release (that's the assumption I'm under, since no bio was included), Darkness Eternal has created an astounding journey through the realms of pure, true death metal.

Though the name may sound generic, the music surely does not. First off, though, this band is one that will appeal only to those into the purest of death metal, the most inaccessible kind, originally forged by a band called Incantation. Darkness Eternal follows Incantation's formula of mixing equal parts fast, brutal death metal and slow, somber doom, rounded out by the anti-Christian sentiment inherent in black metal.

The songs are amazingly well-written, not too long nor too short (for this style, average is around the five-minute mark). "The Final Conquest" kicks things off with its foreboding guitar riffs and bludgeoning blast, all the while giving off an atmosphere of impending doom. "Mass Suicide" - a personal favorite of mine, both for the title and the music - sees the band veering into the doom metal territory while other songs, such as the awesome title track, "Jesus Bleeding" and "Abandon Divinity" momentarily pick up the pace. The production seems fitting for Darkness Eternal - not too raw but not over-produced, either. . .well-balanced, really. Fuck - this record screams "perfection"; Dawn of the Suffering covers all the bases a true death metal album should.

The major draw-back with playing this style is the album's length. None of the songs are "filler", but at fifty minutes, it's rare that I have time to listen to the album in its entirety.

FORTITUDE WEBZINE, Fall 2001 (http://www.geocities.com/flesh_ro/areviews.htm)

DARKNESS ETERNAL - "Dawn of the Suffering"
Rating: 8.5/10

I was surprised to find out that this Canadian act is actually a one-man band since all instruments on this album are handled so professionally and tightly. George Velaetis, the one behind DARKNESS ETERNAL is doubtlessly a great multi-instrumentalist. Musically, "Dawn..." represents an extremely depressive form of Death/Doom Metal. All parts are mostly slow and mid-paced, though still quite harsh. Vocals vary from low-tone grunts to high pitched screeches. An ass kicking release indeed. I'm sure that orthodox MORBID ANGEL fans will dig it up. I'll help: darknesseternal666@hotmail.com (Krasniy; 03.08.2001)

HIMNOS RITUALES DE GUERRA, Summer 2001 (http://www.himnosrituales.com/english/13issue/darknesseternal.htm)

"Dawn Of The Suffering"
(self released)

Right from the start this band sound like early INCANTATION. Brutal thick death doom, segments that make you realize you're before a great new death metal revelation. On our previous edition I recommended you a similar band, the already gone DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY, well now I'm recommending DARKNESS ETERNAL. There is a catch, though. This is a one man project, how about that uh? George Velaetis is the sole creator of what you hear. Fuck! He can handle the whole thing, guitar, bass, drums and vocals. I just couldn't believe it when I read the booklet. He is a genius. The only thing this cd is missing presentation and cover artwork (nothing is perfect…). The most important thing here is the music, and once again let me tell you..this is a true revelation (too bad we'll never see this live on stage) As you listen this work you'll notice the influence by the classic band IMMOLATION. A mixture of fast and brutal slow segments. Pure death metal . Blasphemic , dark with antichristian and sacrilegious lyrics, just as it should be. Handling guitars, bass and dums with hate and darkness. On vocal George Velaetis compares to greats ROSS DOLAN and CRAIG PILLARD. Every track is recommended. Don't miss this one. Himnos Rituales de Guerra 9.5/10. Review by Jimmy Ruiz.

I-MOCKERY.COM, Fall 2002 (http://www.i-mockery.com/musicreviews/detailed.php?id=459)

Artist: Darkness Eternal
Album: "Dawn of The Suffering"
Label: self released
Genre: Metal
Reviewer: test tube

Review: This 2000 album from one man band Darkness Eternal is fucking killer! This is hateful death metal and its best, amazing that one man wrote all the music and played all the instruments! One man bands are always either shitty, sounding like they need another member, or sound fucking awesome. This one sounds fucking awesome! Though there should be an entire band for live shows, the guy has no problem getting members of other metal bands to help him with that I’m sure. Darkness Eternal is death metal music filled to the brim with hatred for everything! The riffs are doomy, no hope, and somewhat depressing sounding. There is no fucking escape! This music is all about being damned, everything being set on fire, hatred for religion and humanity, drowning in blood, everyone loses, everything is destroyed! This is very personal music; the riffs are filled with emotion which is the loathing of every fucking thing in existence! This sounds like music you would hear in hell, or on your fall into hell, and it could be the fictional hell in the bible or your own personal hell in your brain. This is some punishing fucking music! Like on the song Jesus Bleeding, most of the music is slow but destructive death metal, the music is dark and twisted, think Immolation kind of but far more hateful! There are some fast death grind parts that are pretty brief, the songs really just want to drag you into fucking hell! The vocals are fucking scorched! Rotting, distant curses of hatred, almost like a ghost, low and fucking killer. Maybe this band has a bit of Eyehategod going on but no much other than the songs are slow with fast bursts in the middle, only here its slow death metal with bursts of brain smashing death. There is a bit of sad melody in some songs, sad as in watching millions of people getting blown to pieces, Shadow of The Scorned is mix between melancholy and hateful destruction, one of the finest doom/death metal songs ever written. The Burning Waters of Acheron is cool, so is Mass Suicide and my favorite Impeccable Doom which has a great ending riff. I’ve been listening to this a lot and the latest DE album Satanchrist has been said to be even better than this one! The man George Velaetis has released that and this album all on his own with his own money and it’s been getting a ton of circulation in the underground. While you could call this a demo, it’s a full length album that looks and sounds, shit IS professional and I thought the fucking thing came out on a label for a long time too! I’m sure the 2nd album is just as awesome and George should have no problem getting on a label seeing he can do this much on his own. Check out DE’s website http://www.deternal.darkgod.net and get this and the latest album. This is probably in some other metal distros but this is the cheapest way to get them! Raaaaaaaar I can’t wait for the next release and you should pick up this sickening piece of fiery, depressing death!

Originality: 8
Lyrics: 9
Sound Quality: 9
Musicianship: 10
Album Art: 7
Overall: 9

IN DARK PURITY WEBZNE, Spring 2003 (http://www.geocities.com/indarkpuritypilipinas/auditoryabused.html)

Dawn Of The Suffering

"Dawn Of The Suffering" is dark death metal. The music is misanthropic, blasphemous, depressive and has a haunting feel played mostly in slow and mid paced brutality by George Velaetis who is the demonic force behind this band. I find this debut disc very impressive for a one man band as the songs are well written and the instruments were played with such proficiency and passion that is way better than most full bands do. The cover artwork needs a fix though.


A very good one man band that reminds me a lot of Symphony Of Grief. Lots of slow doom parts that had me smiling along with some great death metal vocals. A mix of Incantation and Autopsy at times. For being a one man band this is a hell of a CD. Go get it.

MUSIC EXTREME WEBZINE, Summer 2001 (http://www.musicextreme.com/CD0108.htm)


Technical Data:

Recorded and Engineered by Stew Kirkwood. Recorded at Rabbit Hunchback Monkey Studios.
Mixed by Stew Kirkwood and George Velaetis.
Graphic Design by Carol Pylypow
Track List: 1- The Final Conquest, 2- Jesus Bleeding, 3- Mass Suicide, 4- Dawn of the Suffering, 5- The Burning Waters of Acheron, 6- Impeccable Doom, 7- Shadow of the Scorned, 8- Black Pentecost, 9- Abandon Divinity, 10- Unrepenting Malice.

Brutal death metal with slower parts (almost doom in many places). In fact I find that this slower parts and rhythm changes is what Darkness Eternal should exploit to distinguish themselves. George Velaetis knows how to develop some interesting guitar riffs and drum patterns. There are clear differences in the sound between the tracks: in fact, "Jesus Bleeding" is muddier than for example "The Final Conquest". One thing that got my attention is that the booklet says that the songs here were written between 1997 and 2000, so there are some differences in the material. Points to remark: use of great changes and clean parts followed by faster ones like on 1:52 from "Jesus Bleeding". I would like to listen more recent material to see the evolution that this one man band has suffered. Originality within death metal´s realm. Favorite tracks: "Mass Suicide", "The Burning Waters of Acheron". Contact: darknesseternal666@hotmail.com

NOCTURNAL HALL WEBZINE, Winter 2005 (http://www.nocturnalhall.com/reviews/D/darknesseternal_dawnofsuffering_e.htm)

Label: Dark Salvation Productions
Release: July 1, 2000
By: Empress
Rating: 8/10
Time: 50:01
Style: Black/Death Metal
URL: Darkness Eternal

1997, Canada saw the beginnings of one of the most blasphemous, dark, anti-Christian, and hateful music this semi-frozen land has ever seen. Founding and soul member George Velaetis set out to make a difference in the metal genre. Wanting to show the world his hatred for Christ and all forms of religion, he started writing some brilliantly blasphemic music devoted to the darker side of life. Three long years of piecing together bits of guitar riffs, bass lines, and drum tracks, DARKNESS ETERNAL, was ready to unleash the debut album Dawn Of The Suffering. Ten tracks of dark death metal, hinted with doom sequences, and arcane clean guitar passages. Not only has DARKNESS ETERNAL, gotten rave reviews for his first ever release around the world; but, also the band was featured on Canadian magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (BW&BK)'s compilation CD, Knuckletracks XXIV (Sept. 2000). Brutally articulated passages that poison the mind with wickedly sharp resonating destruction.

Starting off this debut is The Final Conquest, this is definitely not the final time I'm going to be rotating this disc in my CD changer. After 5 seconds I was hooked. Slower, mellower than your average black/death band, hints of doom metal are prevalent throughout this disc. Deep, growling, never faulting vocals, low-tuned guitars, clean guitar parts, and a very old school fuzzy feeling make this album an instant classic. No wonder this album got so much hype in Canada. On track 3 Mass Suicide the doom elements are really showing in this track. Maliciously decadent, this track is supremely direct in accomplishing to capture you the moment you hear it. Accented by a cleaner, slower, more desolate sound; first-class devastation. Track 7 Shadow Of The Scorned is a more straight-forward eruption of well-planned, expertly performed, dark submersion into this already awesome album. This track takes it to the next level, most definitely my favorite track off the album. Despite the cheesy, homemade graphics and the sloppy, fuzzy recording, this is an A+ album. DARKNESS ETERNAL is by-far one of the best one-man projects I have ever heard. Well done mates!


The debut album of this canadian band and as the rest of its output which will be review as next ones is dark and antichristian death metal played in old school vein. If I have to compare this to any band then the closest association will be Incantation with some acoustic parts. Darkness Eternal can play on its high level with theirs blasphemies in the face of god just to stop in the middle of the song and start the part on guitar without distortion or on the bass guitar only. The cover art with its symbolics is also a killer - burning virgin mary and crying with bloody tears and holding instead of jesus the Antichrist with tongue and eyes of serpent. Apart from this is debut album recorded in 2000 year, it is still good to listen probably also because on the sound was used echo effect which gives impression that the sounds are going out just from depths of Hell. While speaking about arrangements it is death metal with a little of black influences (the lyrics and some patterns in fast guitar parts) which has no blasts and in its fastest moments it sounds like bands from 90. There is no speed of light, the structures of tracks are build around atmosphere and slowly creating the aura of evil and might and basically are based on slow and middle tempos with some faster ones. To be honest I'm impressed with skills of George Velaetis who is responsible for all instruments. There are no mistakes and all is preformed very good. So as a conclusion if you are into heavy stuff and not only for blasts and you're counting for a message in music this band is just for you straight from debut!

4.5/6 (V.C.)


Darkness Eternal (Can): "Dawn of the Suffering" CD. Debut album of this Canadian death /doom monster, and what and album. This is one of the darkest and most depressive death /doom albums heard in a long time. D.A is a one man band but everything is played with really high skill, bleeding with dedication. Imagine a mix of (early) Incantation, The Chasm, and Immolation twisted into its very own form. Only stupid and trendy people will ignore this fantastic band. THE BURNING WATERS OF ACHERON! Highly recommended.


I'm not a huge fan of one-man bands, but this doesn't fall to the same shortcomings that most do. It doesn't even really sound like a one-man band at all. This band plays heavy dark death metal that reminds me more of a varied version of Incantation, without a lot of the extremity. The vocals are guttural and in the vein of the Mortal Throne Of Nazarene album. Musically it is similar to the Diabolical Conquest period, but this band isn't and Incantation clone. This band uses a lot of tempos and moods that Incantation has never explored, and this is a great varied dark/death metal demo CD that deserves to be heard. Another great Canadian underground band to be added to the long list of great bands to have come out of Canada. It definitely makes me proud to be Canadian.

UNCHAIN THE UNDERGROUND WEBZINE, Summer 2001 (http://www.unchain.com/current/music_reviews17a.html#twelve)

Darkness Eternal - Dawn of the Suffering (Self-released, 2000)

Rating: 9/10

Darkness Eternal is a brutal one-man death metal project from the Great White North (Canada, that is) conceived and performed by talented multi-instrumentalist George Velaetis. His vocals are very reminiscent of Ross Dolan of Immolation and Craig Pillard of Incantation (or any of the vocalists Incantation have had thus far, for that matter). Musically, Darkness Eternal is not that far from the Immolation/Incantation mark either. Another band that comes to mind is Crucifer, especially the Unparalleled Majesty demo. Velaetis manages to bring some new things to the plate, however, as there is some stuff on here you probably would not hear on either an Incantation of Immolation disc. The song "Mass Suicide" has an almost happy feel to it at times, sounding like calliope music from the depths of hell. "Jesus Bleeding" features a very interesting clean guitar/double-bass break that comes out of nowhere. The title track opens with another clean guitar passage before doubling with distorted chords, creating a unique and very eerie atmosphere. That same type of atmosphere pervades much of the album, and is, in my opinion, the primary strength of the release. Velaetis produces rich textures by layering the multiple guitar tracks on top of one another and also allowing the music to breathe. You won't find a hundred riffs jammed into one song and neither will you find a few guitar tracks and a bass track merely following one another, although there are times when all of the instruments are single-minded in purpose, going off on a destructive frenzy. Velaetis gives each instrument its own voice and comes off sounding more like a band of 5 separate musicians than most 5-piece bands do. Dawn of the Suffering is a very impressive release that applies new ideas to a well-trodden musical field. I hope Darkness Eternal does not go unnoticed and thus fizzle out before we are able to get an extensive body of work from Velaetis, as I feel he has much to offer, and Dawn of the Suffering is a hell of a start. - Al Kikuras

VAE SOLIS WEBZINE, Summer 2000 (http://www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis/bmrevx.html)

“Dawn Of The Suffering”
Dark Salvation Productions
Rating: 5.5 of 6

I completely don’t like the way the artwork and layout this CD comes with, are designed. Kind of a christian metal band’s parody on what satanic black metal act’s CD should look alike. BUT, I just LOVE the music featured here! To be short: it’s grim, mostly mid-tempo, even somewhat sludgy, fairly blackened death metal. However, I’d place this review in a “black metal” section due to the fact that despite George (the mastermind behind the band) sings in a brutal, grunting voice, “Dawn Of The Suffering” comes with undoubtedly dreadful and anxious atmosphere. He doesn’t need keyboards or various orchestral arrangements to make DARKNESS ETERNAL sound dreary, managing to do it only with guitar, drums and bass (by the way, I was positively surprised by the fact he contrives to handle all the instruments properly). If you’d like to talk about comparisons; well, these are (late) MORBID ANGEL, DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY, (late) IMMOLATION, AUTOPSY and INCANTATION. No black metal reminiscences, sorry; but you have to know that most of contemporary BM acts fail miserably in comparison to DARKNESS ETERNAL when it comes to the notion of “atmosphere”. Enrapturing it is, bewitching in utterly morbid way. Should I say, this CD is “a must”…? (review by Herr Stalhammar)